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Trivia Quiz - The Big 12 Conference

These questions are about the Big 12 Conference history and the colleges that comprise it. How much do you know about Big 12 Conference trivia?

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Date Submitted: October 11, 2008
Quiz Categories: College Basketball - Men's, Big 12 Football
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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The Big 12 Conference
(Image Source: Big 12 @ rivals)

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1. In what year was the Big 12 officially formed?
  A.   1994
  B.   1995
  C.   1996
  D.   1997

2. The Big 12 consists of the schools of the former Big 8 Conference along with 4 other schools from what other conference?
  A.   Atlantic Coast Conference
  B.   Western Athletic Conference
  C.   Southwest Conference
  D.   Big East Conference

3. What team won the Big 12's first conference championship in football?
  A.   Oklahoma Sooners
  B.   Colorado Buffaloes
  C.   Nebraska Cornhuskers
  D.   Texas Longhorns

4. What Big 12 team has won the most national championships in college golf?
  A.   Kansas Jayhawks
  B.   Okahoma State Cowboys
  C.   Baylor Bears
  D.   Iowa State Cyclones

5. What two Big 12 football teams play in what is known as the Red River Rivalry?
  A.   Oklahoma Sooners/Texas Longhorns
  B.   Oklahoma Sooners/Nebraska Cornhuskers
  C.   Texas A&M Aggies/Texas Longhorns
  D.   Texas Tech Red Raiders/Texas Longhorns

6. What school holds the dubious distinction of never having won a national champioship in any NCAA sanctioned college sport prior to becoming part of the Big 12?
  A.   Baylor
  B.   Kansas State
  C.   Iowa State
  D.   Texas Tech

7. What two Big 12 football teams play their home games at Memorial Stadium?
  A.   Kansas Jayhawks/Iowa State Cyclones
  B.   Nebraska Cornhuskers/Kansas Jayhawks
  C.   Nebraska Cornhuskers/Kansas State Wildcats
  D.   Kansas State Wildcats/Iowa State Cyclones

8. Not all Big 12 schools participate in all NCAA sanctioned sports. In what sport do only 3 of the 12 schools in the Big 12 participate?
  A.   Men's Tennis
  B.   Gymnastics
  C.   Women's Socceer
  D.   Men's Swimming & Diving

9. Where is the headquarters of the Big 12 Conference located?
  A.   Kansas City, Missouri
  B.   Denver, Colorado
  C.   Irving, Texas
  D.   Lawrence, Kansas

10. What is the only Big 12 school that does not participate in volleyball?
  A.   Baylor
  B.   Oklahoma
  C.   Oklahoma State
  D.   Nebraska®   

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