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Trivia Quiz - The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

This classic movie inspired many other sci-fi movies. What do you know about the 1951 film (not the 2008 remake)?

Quiz Number: 2871
Date Submitted: October 18, 2008
Quiz Categories: Sci Fi Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)
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1. Who played Mr. Carpenter?
  A.   Hugh Marlowe
  B.   William Hopper
  C.   William Shatner
  D.   Michael Rennie

2. Where did the spaceship land at the beginning of the movie?
  A.   Central Park
  B.   Ellipse
  C.   Arlington National Cemetery
  D.   Roswell, New Mexico

3. Bobby was played by what famous child actor?
  A.   Ronnie Howard
  B.   Paul Peterson
  C.   Billy Gray
  D.   Billy Mumy

4. Why did Klaatu come to Earth?
  A.   invite Earth to join the United Federation of Planets
  B.   claim the planet for his leader
  C.   warn Earth to not expand violence
  D.   observe its primitive culture

5. How did Mr. Carpenter introduce himself to Professor Barnhart?
  A.   corrected an equation
  B.   gave him a shiny weapon
  C.   transported into his study
  D.   the robot carried the Professor into the spaceship

6. What was the name of the woman the spaceman befriended?
  A.   Mrs. Harley
  B.   Joanie
  C.   Dr. Davis
  D.   Mrs. Benson

7. What unusual object was found in the spaceman's bedroom?
  A.   a shiny boot
  B.   a gem
  C.   a tool made of unknown metal
  D.   a slingshot

8. To show his power to the world, Klaatu neutralized all electricity for how long?
  A.   30 minutes
  B.   1 day
  C.   3 hours
  D.   5 minutes

9. What was Gort's job?
  A.   doctor
  B.   translator
  C.   police
  D.   navigator

10. This rock and roll star used this movie's spaceship on an album cover:
  A.   Elvis Presley
  B.   Bobby Vinton
  C.   Chubby Checker
  D.   Ringo Starr®   

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