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Trivia Quiz - Prince Philip

How much do you know about Prince Philip?

Quiz Number: 2981
Date Submitted: December 23, 2008
Quiz Categories: British Royalty
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: scarlettem
Average Score: 60.9 percent
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Quiz is about: Prince Philip

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Prince Philip
(Image Source: Prince Phillip)

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1. Which of these titles does Prince Philip hold?
  A.   Duke of York
  B.   Duke of Wales
  C.   Duke of Edinburgh
  D.   Duke of Kent

2. Prince Philip was born prince of what countries?
  A.   Greece and Denmark
  B.   Wales and Scotland
  C.   Greece and Spain
  D.   Sicily and Austria

3. What constitutional role does Prince Philip hold?
  A.   He is the head of all military matters in Great Britian
  B.   He has no constitutional role other than as Privy Counsellor
  C.   He has absolute control over all Royal finances.
  D.   He must be present for the opening of all British Cabinet meetings.

4. While attending Gordonstoun School, Prince Philip became captain of what teams?
  A.   polo and cricket
  B.   soccer and tennis
  C.   hockey and cricket
  D.   polo and soccer

5. Of what ship was Prince Philip appointed in command in 1950?
  A.   HMS Magpie
  B.   HMS Royal Gorge
  C.   HMS Pinafore
  D.   HMS Queen Victoria

6. Where were Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth married?
  A.   Winchester Cathedral
  B.   Royal Albert Hall
  C.   Westminster Abbey
  D.   Buckingham Palace

7. Prince Philip competed in what sport well into his 80's?
  A.   sky diving
  B.   sheepherding with Corgi dogs
  C.   Formula One Racing
  D.   Carriage Driving

8. Where is Prince Philip worshiped as a god?
  A.   Nairobi
  B.   The Island of Tanna
  C.   In a small villiage in Tazmania
  D.   Brabados

9. How many of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth's children were born before Queen Elizabeth became queen?
  A.   4
  B.   3
  C.   2
  D.   1

10. How many hours did Prince Philip fly as a pilot from 1952 to 1997?
  A.   He is NOT a pilot
  B.   24, the required amount to receive a comission to an aircraft carrier in the Royal Navy
  C.   45, he flew one hour a year to maintain his license
  D.   nearly 6,000®   

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