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Trivia Quiz - Famous People Named Jones: Part 2

All these famous people use "Jones" as their surname. Can you identify them? We got famous people named Jones right here!

Quiz Number: 3037
Date Submitted: December 30, 2008
Quiz Categories: Culture
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: lmcubs
Average Score: 59.8 percent
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Famous People Named Jones Part 2
(Image Source: AfroBella)

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1. This Jones asked the musical question, "What's New Pussycat?"
  A.   George Jones
  B.   Howard Jones
  C.   Tom Jones
  D.   Norah Jones

2. Before it was changed to Jones, this person's last name at birth was Stranski:
  A.   Jenny Jones
  B.   Jack Jones
  C.   Davy Jones
  D.   Spike Jones

3. This Jones was named baseball's 1999 MVP:
  A.   Spike Jones
  B.   Quincy Jones
  C.   Chipper Jones
  D.   Bobby Jones

4. Which Jones starred as "Madeline?"
  A.   Jennifer Jones
  B.   Hatty Jones
  C.   Grace Jones
  D.   Catherine Zeta-Jones

5. This Jones sang "He Stopped Loving Her Today:"
  A.   Tom Jones
  B.   George Jones
  C.   Brian Jones
  D.   Davy Jones

6. First film role for this Jones was in "Love Story:"
  A.   Grace Jones
  B.   Tommy Lee Jones
  C.   Jenny Jones
  D.   Jennifer Jones

7. This Jones bandleader liked to use cowbells in his songs:
  A.   Tom Jones
  B.   Howard Jones
  C.   Brian Jones
  D.   Spike Jones

8. This lawyer named Jones became a talk show host:
  A.   James Earl Jones
  B.   Star Jones
  C.   Hatty Jones
  D.   Shirley Jones

9. This Jones appeared in instructional films about golf:
  A.   Tommy Lee Jones
  B.   Catherine Zeta-Jones
  C.   Chipper Jones
  D.   Bobby Jones

10. Micky Dolenz (of Monkees' fame) helped this Jones' career:
  A.   Catherine Zeta-Jones
  B.   Norah Jones
  C.   Brian Jones
  D.   George Jones®   

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