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Trivia Quiz - Fred Gwynne: More Than Just a Munster!

What do you know about the late great Fred Gwynne?

Quiz Number: 3075
Date Submitted: January 26, 2009
Quiz Categories: Television Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Fred Gwynne

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Fred Gwynne More Than Just a Munster
(Image Source: Wikimedia)

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1. From what Ivy League university did Fred Gwynne graduate in 1951?
  A.   Harvard
  B.   Yale
  C.   Columbia
  D.   Brown

2. In what branch of the military did Gwynne serve during World War II?
  A.   Army
  B.   Navy
  C.   Air Force
  D.   Marines

3. Gwynne made two appearances early in his career on "The Phil Silvers Show" leading to him being cast as a regular on what TV sitcom?
  A.   The Dick Van Dyke Show
  B.   The Munsters
  C.   Mister Ed
  D.   Car 54, Where Are You?

4. On the 1960's sitcom, "The Munsters," Fred played the role of Herman Munster, a goofy parody of what monster?
  A.   Frankenstein's monster
  B.   vampire
  C.   werewolf
  D.   the mummy

5. For his role as Herman Munster, producers painted Gwynne's face what color?
  A.   blue
  B.   green
  C.   violet
  D.   red

6. In 1984, Fred auditioned for the part of Henry on the show "Punky Brewster." Why did Gwynne ultimately withdraw his name?
  A.   illness
  B.   cast in another TV series
  C.   the auditioner identified him as Herman Munster rather than his real name
  D.   a cast member insulted him by saying that he looked like Frankenstein's monster

7. Gwynne portrayed Jud Crandall in a 1989 movie based on what Stephen King novel?
  A.   Cat's Eye
  B.   Pet Sematary
  C.   Salem's Lot
  D.   It

8. Fred Gwynne starred in all of the following films. In which one did he play the role of a crook?
  A.   Ironweed
  B.   Fatal Attraction
  C.   The Cotton Club
  D.   Disorganized Crime

9. Fred Gwynne starred in all of the following films. In which one did he play the role of a judge?
  A.   On the Waterfront
  B.   My Cousin Vinny
  C.   The Boy Who Could Fly
  D.   Disorganized Crime

10. Fred Gwynne was multi-talented! Which of the following did he not practice professionally?
  A.   wrote and illustrated children's books
  B.   singer
  C.   painter
  D.   dancer®   

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