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Trivia Quiz - College Football Grab Bag #2

College Football Grab Bag #2

Quiz Number: 310
Date Submitted: January 29, 2006
Quiz Categories: College Football
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: garrett
Average Score: 53.1 percent
Times Taken: 320 times
Taken by Registered Users: 34

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College Football Grab Bag 2
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1. For what university did Reggie Jackson play college ball?
  A.   USC
  B.   New Mexico State
  C.   Arizona State
  D.   Arizona

2. Gerald Ford played football as a center for which college?
  A.   Ohio State
  B.   Michigan
  C.   Yale
  D.   Harvard

3. How did Knute Rockne die?
  A.   Cancer
  B.   Heart Failure
  C.   Plane Crash
  D.   Car Crash

4. Movie cowboy Johnny Mack Brown, was an all-American running back for what college?
  A.   Alabama
  B.   Mississippi
  C.   Georgia
  D.   Texas

5. Name the quarterback who led the University of Nebraska to two national titles in the 90s.
  A.   Eric Crouch
  B.   Tommie Frazier
  C.   Jerry Tagge
  D.   Elvis Grbac

6. Reds Bagnell, George Savitsky, and Chuck Bednarik are football hall of famers that played together at what college?
  A.   Penn
  B.   Columbia
  C.   Yale
  D.   Harvard

7. For what college did John Elway play?
  A.   Stanford
  B.   USC
  C.   UCLA
  D.   California

8. Star running back Paul Hornung played what position in college?
  A.   linebacker
  B.   full back
  C.   half back
  D.   quarterback

9. The 2004 Heisman trophy was won by whom?
  A.   Carson Palmer
  B.   Jason White
  C.   Matt Leinhart
  D.   Eric Crouch

10. Vince Dooley coached the University of Georgia for 25 years. How many losing seasons did he have?
  A.   1
  B.   2
  C.   3
  D.   4®   

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