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Trivia Quiz - United States of America: State Capitals: Part 1

Great state capitals trivia in this state capitals quiz!

Quiz Number: 3147
Date Submitted: June 15, 2009
Quiz Categories: American Government, North American Geography
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Secret_Author
Average Score: 77 percent
Times Taken: 928 times
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United States of America State Capitals Part 1
(Image Source: US State Capitals @ Visionary Teacher)

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1. What is the capital of North Carolina?
  A.   Wilmington
  B.   Greensboro
  C.   Raleigh
  D.   Mayberry

2. What is the capital of South Dakota?
  A.   Rapid City
  B.   Pierre
  C.   Sioux Falls
  D.   Slow City

3. What is the capital of New Mexico?
  A.   Sante Fe
  B.   Albuquerque
  C.   Roswell
  D.   Las Cruces

4. What is the capital of New York?
  A.   Buffalo
  B.   Albany
  C.   New York
  D.   Syracuse

5. What is the capital of Virginia?
  A.   Norfolk
  B.   Roanoke
  C.   Richmond
  D.   Lynchburg

6. What is the capital of South Carolina?
  A.   Florence
  B.   Charleston
  C.   Greenville
  D.   Columbia

7. What is the capital of North Dakota?
  A.   Fargo
  B.   Minot
  C.   Grand Forks
  D.   Bismarck

8. What is the capital of New Jersey?
  A.   Camden
  B.   Newark
  C.   Trenton
  D.   New Brunswick

9. What is the capital of New Hampshire?
  A.   Concord
  B.   Dover
  C.   Portsmouth
  D.   Rochester

10. What is the capital of West Virginia?
  A.   Morgantown
  B.   Wheeling
  C.   Weston
  D.   Charleston®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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