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Trivia Quiz - Chess Champions

Some of the luminaries of the international chess scene. Trivia quiz about some of the champion chess players throughout history.

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Date Submitted: July 24, 2009
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Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: grant228
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Chess Champions
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1. This American genius who died in 1884 at the age of 47 was regarded as the uncrowned world champion and father of modern chess:
  A.   Howard Staunton
  B.   Frank Marshall
  C.   Paul Morphy
  D.   Louis Paulsen

2. He was the 13th child in his family, born in Prague in 1836. He became world champion and was reportedly thrown out of a window in a famous game:
  A.   Wilhelm Steinitz
  B.   Adolf Anderssen
  C.   J H Zukertort
  D.   Savielly Tartakower

3. German Jew who was world champion from 1894 to 1921. He later had to flee Nazi Germany:
  A.   Frank Marshall
  B.   Akiba Rubinstein
  C.   Harry Pilsbury
  D.   Emanuel Lasker

4. Cuban world champion from 1921 to 1927. A renowned ladies man and lover of life:
  A.   Jose Capablanca
  B.   Richard Reti
  C.   Stefano Tatai
  D.   Lajos Portisch

5. He was U.S. champion from 1906 to 1936. He was defeated in a world championship match in 1907:
  A.   Frank Marshall
  B.   Samuel Reshevsky
  C.   Walter Browne
  D.   Samuel Friedman

6. Russian-born French citizen. World champion from 1927 to 1935. Won back his title in 1937 and held it until his death in 1946 when he was found slumped over a chess set:
  A.   Richard Reti
  B.   Alexander Alekhine
  C.   Victor Korchnoi
  D.   Mikhail Botvinnik

7. World champion from 1948 to 1960 and then 1961 to 1963. Soviet champion at 20. Beat Capablanca in a simultaneous game when only 14:
  A.   Paul Keres
  B.   David Bronstein
  C.   Max Euwe
  D.   Mikhail Botvinnik

8. Russian who was world champion from 1960-61. Famous for outrageous sacrifices which later did not stand scrutiny. One opponent took to wearing dark glasses when playing him to avoid the "evil eye".
  A.   Mikhail Tal
  B.   Vasily Smyslov
  C.   Richard Reti
  D.   Mikhail Yadovich

9. Won world championship in 1969 and lost it in celebrated match in Iceland in 1972:
  A.   Bent Larsen
  B.   Tigran Petrosian
  C.   Boris Spassky
  D.   Anatoly Karpov

10. Won the US championship at 14 and later the world championship in 1972. Refused to defend his title and was stripped of crown. Some claim he was the best ever.
  A.   Bobby Fischer
  B.   Anatoly Karpov
  C.   Gary Kasparov
  D.   David Haller®   

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