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Trivia Quiz - U.S. Civil War Battles

A quiz about some of the well-known and some of the less well-known battles of the US Civil War.

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Date Submitted: October 03, 2009
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U.S. Civil War Battles
(Image Source: Civil War Battles)

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1. September 1862. Which battle halted the Confederate advance into Maryland?
  A.   Antietam
  B.   Cedar Creek
  C.   Harper's Ferry
  D.   Nashville

2. July 1863. Largest battle of the war that changed its progress and halted Lee's advance north.
  A.   Chattanooga
  B.   Bull Run (First)
  C.   Nashville
  D.   Gettysburg

3. December 1862. A heavy loss by General Burnside to Lee left the North fearful of imminent defeat.
  A.   Fisher's Hill
  B.   Fredericksburg
  C.   Nashville
  D.   Bull Run (Second)

4. December 1864. The Union forces under Thomas defeated the Confederate army under Hood, effectively ending the western campaign.
  A.   Nashville
  B.   New Orleans
  C.   Cross Keys
  D.   Fair Oaks

5. February 1862. The Union army under Grant won its first significant victory.
  A.   Fisher's Hill
  B.   Five Forks
  C.   Fort Donelson
  D.   Cedar Creek

6. November 1863. This Northern victory saw most of Tennessee come under Union control.
  A.   Chickamauga
  B.   Chattanooga
  C.   Shiloh
  D.   Seven Days

7. July 1861. The South under Beauregard defeated McDowell. Jackson earned his nickname "Stonewall".
  A.   Perryville
  B.   Bull Run (First)
  C.   Franklin
  D.   Cedar Mountain

8. May - July 1863. Grant defeated Pemberton and then went on to win Mississippi and the west.
  A.   Bull Run (Second)
  B.   Cold Harbour
  C.   Cross Keys
  D.   Vicksburg

9. September 1863. The South under Bragg trapped Rosecrans in Chattanooga.
  A.   Gettysburg
  B.   Perryville
  C.   The Wilderness
  D.   Chickamauga

10. April 1862. The Union fleet shelled Fort Jackson and forced the surrender of the neighboring city.
  A.   New Orleans
  B.   Fort Sumter
  C.   Fort Henry
  D.   Chancellorsville®   

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