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Trivia Quiz - Get Smart: Wacky 60's Sitcom

What do you know about the wacky 60's sitcom, "Get Smart"? "Missed it by that much!"

Quiz Number: 3317
Date Submitted: January 14, 2010
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: charles
Average Score: 69.5 percent
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Get Smart Wacky 60s Sitcom
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1. What actor played the role of Maxwell Smart in the 1960s sitcom, "Get Smart"?
  A.   Don Adams
  B.   Larry Storch
  C.   Ken Berry
  D.   Bob Denver

2. What was Maxwell Smart's secret code number?
  A.   Agent 42
  B.   Agent 72
  C.   Agent 86
  D.   Agent 99

3. What was Maxwell Smart's female partner's (and later, his wife's) secret code number?
  A.   Agent 42
  B.   Agent 72
  C.   Agent 86
  D.   Agent 99

4. What was name of the secret American government counter-espionage agency for which Maxwell Smart was employed?
  C.   KAOS

5. On "Get Smart", What agent was usually stationed inside unlikely places, such as mailboxes, washing machines, lockers, trash cans, or fire hydrants?
  A.   Agent 13
  B.   Agent 44
  C.   Agent 65
  D.   Agent 88

6. What actor played the role of The Chief in "Get Smart"?
  A.   Fred Gwynne
  B.   Stafford Repp
  C.   Frank Sutton
  D.   Edward Platt

7. What was the name of poorly-trained dog that worked for Maxwell Smart's organization?
  A.   Bite
  B.   Claw
  C.   Fang
  D.   Drool

8. What type of sports car did Maxwell Smart drive during the opening credits in the first two seasons of the show?
  A.   Opel GT
  B.   Chevrolet Corvette
  C.   Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia
  D.   Sunbeam Tiger

9. What was the name of the "international organization of evil" that was the enemy of the organization for which Maxwell Smart worked?
  A.   EVIL
  B.   SLASH
  C.   KAOS

10. Maxwell Smart's phone was built into his shoe. It also converted into a gun. What number did he have to dial to get the shoe phone to convert into the gun?
  A.   117
  B.   234
  C.   499
  D.   686®   

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