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Trivia Quiz - Al Capone: American Gangster

Trivia quiz on the criminal life of gangster Al Capone!

Quiz Number: 3318
Date Submitted: January 15, 2010
Quiz Categories: Depression-Era Gangsters
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Al Capone

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Al Capone American Gangster
(Image Source: Public Domain Photo of Al Capone)

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1. What was Al Capone's nickname?
  A.   Sonny
  B.   Baby Face
  C.   The Fox
  D.   Scarface

2. What gangster influenced Capone to get started in organized crime?
  A.   Johnny Torrio
  B.   James "Big Jim" Colosimo
  C.   Myles O'Donnell
  D.   Bugs Moran

3. Capone's gang ruled organized crime from Chicago's south side. What was Capone's criminal organization called?
  A.   Friends of the Public
  B.   Unified Fraternity
  C.   Chicago Outfit
  D.   North Side Gang

4. Although Capone was an organized crime boss, his business card touted him to be working in what profession?
  A.   used furniture dealer
  B.   horse trainer
  C.   contractor
  D.   owner of a trucking company

5. Although Capone was never convicted of racketeering, he was convicted of what crime?
  A.   kidnapping
  B.   income tax evasion
  C.   robbery
  D.   forgery

6. Downtown Chicago was not a good place from which to run his organized crime ring because the police were watching closely. To what city did Capone move his headquarters to escape "the heat"?
  A.   Lincoln Park, Illinois
  B.   Oak Park, Illinois
  C.   Berwyn, Illinois
  D.   Cicero, Illinois

7. What North Side gangsters did Al Capone consider his arch enemies?
  A.   George Cavanaugh and Lucas Cavanaugh
  B.   Frank Gusenberg and Peter Gusenberg
  C.   Hymie Weiss and Bugs Moran
  D.   Vincent Drucci and Samuel Morton

8. In which of the following prisons did Al Capone NEVER serve time?
  A.   Metropolitan Correctional Center, Chicago
  B.   Alcatraz Island Federal Prison
  C.   Atlanta U.S. Penitentiary
  D.   Philadelphia's Eastern State Penitentiary

9. Capone's bullet-proof limousine was seized by the U.S. Treasury Department in 1932. What U.S. leader was eventually the owner of the limousine?
  A.   Vice President John N. Garner
  B.   President Franklin D. Roosevelt
  C.   President Herbert Hoover
  D.   Illinois Governor Louis L. Emmerson

10. What no-nonsense cop eventually took Al Capone down?
  A.   Eliot Ness
  B.   Jim Malone
  C.   Chief Mike Dorsett
  D.   Oscar Wallace®   

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