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Trivia Quiz - Gilligan's Island Characters: The Skipper

Just like Norman Fell and Oliver Hardy, Alan Hale Jr. often looked directly into the camera, often in frustration at Gilligan's ineptitude.

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Date Submitted: February 04, 2010
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, Gilligan's Island
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: madman
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Gilligans Island Characters The Skipper
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1. What was The Skipper's favorite nickname for Gilligan?
  A.   the man
  B.   Gilly
  C.   my friend
  D.   little buddy

2. What was the name of The Skipper's boat?
  A.   S.S. Minnow
  B.   S.S. Sailfish
  C.   S.S. Shark
  D.   S.S. Dolphin

3. In the episode, "Voodoo Something to Me," The Skipper believes the island is under the spell of Voodoo and that Gilligan has been turned into a what?
  A.   goat
  B.   chimpanzee
  C.   dog
  D.   lizard

4. In "Up At Bat," Gilligan dreams that he is Dracula. What character is The Skipper in his dream?
  A.   Sherlock Holmes
  B.   Mr. Watson
  C.   Frankenstein
  D.   Wolfman

5. In "The Invasion," Gilligan dreams that he is Agent 014 and must deliver the secret briefcase. What character is The Skipper in his dream?
  A.   Agent 350
  B.   The Chief
  C.   Gilligan's "mother"
  D.   Mr. Evil

6. The ship's transmitter is broken and The Skipper knows how to fix it. However, he's only able to remember how to fix it when he is doing what?
  A.   running
  B.   swimming
  C.   eating
  D.   sleeping

7. The Skipper thinks he is ill from the curse of Watubi when he finds a small statue of a Tiki god. Who performs a special ritual to relieve The Skipper from his curse?
  A.   Gilligan
  B.   Mary Ann
  C.   Ginger
  D.   The Professor

8. In "Forget Me Not," how does The Professor try to cure the Skipper's amnesia?
  A.   captivora berries
  B.   hypnotism
  C.   voodoo
  D.   acupuncture

9. When Mr. and Mrs. Howell decide to get re-married, where does The Skipper perform the ceremony?
  A.   on a raft in the lagoon
  B.   in a cave
  C.   on the ship
  D.   in The Howell's hut

10. In the U.S. Navy, Jonas Grumby, later known as The Skipper, served alongside Gilligan. How did Gilligan save his friend's life while in the Navy?
  A.   he saved him from being struck and killed by a runaway depth charge
  B.   he saved him from drowning
  C.   he saved him when an anchor was about to fall on him
  D.   he saved him from hungry sharks®   

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