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Trivia Quiz - Gilligan's Island Characters: The Professor

"Well Gilligan, it's really quite simple...." Russell Johnson, a World War II veteran, did a great job playing The Professor on "Gilligan's Island!

Quiz Number: 3329
Date Submitted: February 09, 2010
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, Gilligan's Island
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Gilligans Island Characters The Professor
(Image Source: Walking to China)

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1. What was The Professor's name?
  A.   Roy Hinkley
  B.   Ralph Manor
  C.   Ron Talbot
  D.   Ray Hinkle

2. What was The Professor's occupation?
  A.   nuclear physicist
  B.   college professor
  C.   botanist
  D.   high school science teacher

3. Why did The Professor created a forge for melting metal?
  A.   to forge a lobster trap
  B.   to forge a counterweight for a scale
  C.   to forge an anchor
  D.   to forge a pipe for plumbing

4. A socialiate named Erika Tiffany Smith came to the island looking for a place to build a resort. Instead, she falls in love with The Professor. What actress played Erika Tiffany Smith?
  A.   Patricia Neal
  B.   Eva Gabor
  C.   Zsa Zsa Gabor
  D.   Bea Arthur

5. In the episode, "You've Been Disconnected," The Professor builds a pedal-operated power saw. What does he use as the blade?
  A.   a piece of sheet metal from the ship
  B.   Mrs. Howell's diamond necklace
  C.   Gilligan's pocket knife
  D.   a paring knife from the ship

6. In "Up At Bat," Gilligan dreams that he is Dracula. What character is The Professor in his dream?
  A.   Sherlock Holmes
  B.   Mr. Watson
  C.   Frankenstein
  D.   Wolfman

7. In "And Then There Were None," Gilligan dreams that he is Dr. Jekyll who turns into Mr. Hyde at the mention of food. What part does The Professor play in his dream?
  A.   judge
  B.   bayliff
  C.   prosecuting attorney
  D.   witness

8. Which of the following amazing inventions did The Professor NEVER build?
  A.   a piping system made of bamboo to transport water
  B.   a pedal-powered dentist's drill
  C.   a bamboo stethoscope
  D.   a padlock from bamboo

9. Why did The Professor invent a lie detector?
  A.   they need to find out who stole Mrs' Howell's diamond broach
  B.   they need to find out who stole Mary Ann's coconut cream pie
  C.   Mrs. Howell has a secret admirer and Mr. Howell wants to find out who it is
  D.   The Skipper wants to know if Gilligan disobeyed his orders during the storm causing the shipwreck

10. The Professor's principal expertise was as a botanist, whose purpose in joining the ill-fated voyage that stranded the castaways was to write a book. What was the name of the book to be?
  A.   A Passion For Plants
  B.   Fun With Ferns
  C.   Starting a Chinese Herb Garden
  D.   Selecting A Tip Top Tree for Your Yard®   

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