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Trivia Quiz - Thomas Jefferson's Other Family

A quiz that shows even the greatest of people may have their weaknesses and failings. The story of Thomas Jefferson and his slave.

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Date Submitted: April 04, 2010
Quiz Categories: American Presidents
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jeffersons Other Family

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1. What was the name of Jefferson's slave companion?
  A.   Jenny Thomsett
  B.   Mary Wilson
  C.   Sally Hemings
  D.   Ruby Johnson

2. Who was the public figure who first alleged Jefferson had an affair with his slave?
  A.   John Adams
  B.   James T. Callender
  C.   Benjamin Franklin
  D.   Samuel Adams

3. How many children was Jefferson alleged to have fathered with his slave wife?
  A.   6
  B.   8
  C.   10
  D.   12

4. The reason Jefferson did not remarry following the death of his wife, Martha, was:
  A.   He promised her on her death bed that he would never remarry.
  B.   His religion forbad remarriage.
  C.   He needed to concentrate on his political career.
  D.   His children asked him not to out of respect for their mother.

5. The first son born of the alleged union was named:
  A.   Marion
  B.   Carol
  C.   Beverly
  D.   Robin

6. Defenders of Jefferson's reputation claim which person was the father of the illegitimate children?
  A.   Jefferson's neighbour
  B.   The son of Jefferson's sister
  C.   Jefferson's brother
  D.   Jefferson's uncle

7. A 1998 study by a team of Virginia geneticists found that:
  A.   It was not possible to reach a conclusion as Jefferson had no sons.
  B.   It was impossible to reach a conclusion as there were no living descendants.
  C.   Jefferson could not have fathered the children as he was deemed impotent by his doctor.
  D.   It was probable Jefferson had fathered the last of the children, Eston and most likely the other children also.

8. The research team was looking for which genetic characteristic?
  A.   The Y chromosome passed on from father to son.
  B.   The X chromosome passed from father to daughter.
  C.   Jefferson's blood group.
  D.   Haemophilia, of which Jefferson was a carrier.

9. In 1805 Jefferson made his only reference to the alleged scandal by saying:
  A.   "I plead guilty to one of the charges that when young and single I offered love to a handsome lady."
  B.   "My dear wife Martha is the only person who has shared my bed."
  C.   "White and non-white races should not mix."
  D.   "My only children are those my dear wife Martha bore me."

10. The Monticello Association refuses which privilege to alleged illegitimate descendants of Jefferson?
  A.   The right to use the Jefferson family seal on letterheads.
  B.   Permission to be buried in the Monticello cemetery.
  C.   Free entry to Monticello.
  D.   Membership of the Presidential Pedigree Club.®   

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