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Trivia Quiz - American Pickers - American Antiquing on the Road!

What do you know about the reality show, American Pickers?

Quiz Number: 3392
Date Submitted: May 18, 2010
Quiz Categories: TV Reality Shows
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
Average Score: 73.2 percent
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American Pickers  American Antiquing on the Road
(Image Source: American Pickers)

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1. What is the name of the company featured on "American Pickers"?
  A.   American Treasures
  B.   Cherry Picking
  C.   Antique Archeology
  D.   American Archeology

2. Who owns the company featured on "American Pickers"?
  A.   Frank Fritz
  B.   Mike Wolfe
  C.   Mike and Frank co-own it
  D.   investment company

3. Who runs the store back in Iowa while the boys are on the road?
  A.   Deirdre
  B.   Danaya
  C.   Darlene
  D.   Danielle

4. In what Iowa city is the store located from which the boys work?
  A.   LeClair
  B.   Ankeny
  C.   Ames
  D.   Bettendorf

5. On what station can you watch "American Pickers"?
  A.   The Learning Channel
  B.   A&E
  C.   Discovery
  D.   History Channel

6. What type of van do the boys drive?
  A.   Mercedes
  B.   Ford
  C.   Chrysler
  D.   Saab

7. The boys bought a carnival ride from an old fellow. What was the gentleman's name?
  A.   Lion
  B.   Bear
  C.   Dog
  D.   Gator

8. What is Frank's favorite item to pick?
  A.   motorcycles
  B.   jugs
  C.   glassware
  D.   radios

9. One episode of the show featured a couple who collected buildings, including a church, general store and even an old restaurant building. What type of restaurant was it?
  A.   McDonalds
  B.   A&W
  C.   Dog N Suds
  D.   White Castle

10. As Mike and Frank put it, "You’re only as good as...
  A.   how hard you work."
  B.   how many trips you make."
  C.   the last deal you made."
  D.   how well you bargain."®   

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