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Trivia Quiz - The Andy Griffith Show: The Darlings

What do you know about the musically-inclined hillbilly family from "The Andy Griffith Show," The Darlings?

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Date Submitted: June 12, 2010
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Author: bill
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The Andy Griffith Show The Darlings
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1. Who played the role of Briscoe Darling, the patriarch of The Darling Family?
  A.   Denver Pyle
  B.   Jack Dodson
  C.   Hal Smith
  D.   Jack Burns

2. Wo played the role of Charlene Darlene, Briscoe's daughter?
  A.   Barbara Eden
  B.   Betty Lynn
  C.   Maggie Peterson
  D.   Aneta Corsaut

3. What "instrument" does Briscoe Darling play in the family band?
  A.   washboard
  B.   ceramic jug
  C.   the spoons
  D.   the sticks

4. In the episode, "Mountain Wedding", Andy and Barney paid a visit to the Darlings' home to rid the family of what pesky neighbor?
  A.   Goober Plyle
  B.   Gomer Pyle
  C.   Rafe Hollister
  D.   Ernest T. Bass

5. In the episode "The Darlings Are Coming," what does Briscoe use to pour water into the truck's radiator?
  A.   his boot
  B.   a cup
  C.   his hat
  D.   a pop bottle

6. Charlene eventually married whom?
  A.   Dudley A. "Dud" Wash
  B.   Ernest T. Bass
  C.   Rafe Hollister
  D.   Goober Plyle

7. In the episode "The Darling Fortune," Briscoe Darling comes into a fortune. He and the family showed up in town looking for brides for Briscoe's sons. How much was the "fortune"?
  A.   $50
  B.   $300
  C.   $1,000
  D.   $10,000

8. What was the name of Charlene's daughter?
  A.   Andelina
  B.   Abellona
  C.   Abilene
  D.   Abriana

9. Andy referred to Briscoe's sons as Mitch, Dean, Rodney, and Doug. Collectively, they were referred by what "nickname"?
  A.   music men
  B.   the boys
  C.   mountain men
  D.   the gents

10. Mr. Darling's four sons were played by a real-life bluegrass group. What was the name of the group?
  A.   The Dillards
  B.   The Densons
  C.   The Dennings
  D.   The Dudleys®   

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