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Trivia Quiz - Gilligan's Island Characters: Gilligan

Great Gilligan's Island trivia here. Bob Denver starred as Gilligan!

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Date Submitted: July 08, 2010
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, Gilligan's Island
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dana
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Gilligans Island Characters Gilligan
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1. What was The Skipper's favorite nickname for Gilligan?
  A.   Gilly
  B.   the man
  C.   my friend
  D.   little buddy

2. What was Gilligan trying to make when he discovered what he believed to be the perfect, permanent glue?
  A.   pancake syrup
  B.   taco sauce
  C.   cocoanut cream
  D.   pineapple sauce

3. How much did Gilligan win from Mr. Howell in a putting contest?
  A.   $500
  B.   $50 thousand
  C.   $3 million
  D.   $10 million

4. When a crate of radioactive experimental vegetable seeds washes ashore, the castaways plant them, and they grow remarkably fast. What was Gilligan's favorite wacky vegetable?
  A.   peas
  B.   carrotts
  C.   spinach
  D.   sugar beets

5. Mrs. Howell dreams that she is Cinderella. As what character does Gilligan appear in her dream?
  A.   fairy godfather
  B.   Prince Charming
  C.   evil stepmother
  D.   ugly stepsister

6. How does Gilligan get attached to his bowling ball?
  A.   glue accidentally gets poured into the holes and he sticks his fingers in it
  B.   he gets struck by lightning
  C.   he bumps his hand and it swells up
  D.   none of the above

7. Where does Gilligan find a spittin' image of himself?
  A.   etched into a rock
  B.   on top of a totem pole
  C.   carved in the sand
  D.   on the side of a coconut

8. Who sets sail with Gilligan on a raft, only to wind up back on the same island?
  A.   Skipper
  B.   Professor
  C.   Ginger
  D.   Mary Ann

9. What castaway occassionally addressed Gilligan as "Steward," as in a ship's steward?
  A.   Ginger
  B.   The Professor
  C.   Mrs. Howell
  D.   Mr. Howell

10. In the U.S. Navy, Jonas Grumby, later known as The Skipper, served alongside Gilligan. How did Gilligan save his friend's life while in the Navy?
  A.   he saved him from being struck and killed by a runaway depth charge
  B.   he saved him from drowning
  C.   he saved him when an anchor was about to fall on him
  D.   he saved him from hungry sharks®   

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