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Trivia Quiz - Gilligan's Island Characters: Mrs. Howell

How much do you know about Mrs. Howell of Gilligan's Island? She was played by Natalie Schafer.

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Date Submitted: July 11, 2010
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, Gilligan's Island
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: madman
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Gilligans Island Characters Mrs. Howell
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1. Thurston's wife's name was Eunice Howell. What was Thurston's affectionate nickname for her?
  A.   Cutie
  B.   Honey
  C.   Baby
  D.   Lovey

2. What was Mrs. Howell's maiden name?
  A.   Wentworth
  B.   Holmes
  C.   Canterberry
  D.   Queensbridge

3. Mrs. Howell once tried her hand at matchmaking and tried to get two of the castaways married. Who were they?
  A.   Gilligan and Mary Ann
  B.   Gilligan and Ginger
  C.   The Skipper and Ginger
  D.   The Professor and Mary Ann

4. When a crate of radioactive experimental vegetable seeds washes ashore, the castaways plant them, and they grow remarkably fast. What was Mrs. Howell's favorite wacky vegetable?
  A.   spinach
  B.   carrots
  C.   sugar beets
  D.   green beans

5. The Howells planned a cotillion, but Mr. Howell accidentally lost one of the invitations. Whose was it?
  A.   Gilligan
  B.   The Professor
  C.   The Skipper
  D.   Ginger

6. When a gorilla ends up on the island, he becomes fixated with something Mrs. Howell is wearing. What is it?
  A.   gold necklace
  B.   diamond broach
  C.   diamond ring
  D.   perfume

7. What is the name of the singing band that the girls and Mrs. Howell formed?
  A.   The Honeybees
  B.   The Baby Dolls
  C.   The Cutie Pies
  D.   The Sugar Canes

8. A rock band lands on the island and Mrs. Howell is determined to cut their hair. What's the name of the band?
  A.   The Grasshoppers
  B.   The Mosquitoes
  C.   The Dragonflys
  D.   The Wasps

9. In the episode, "Lovey's Secret Admirer," Mrs. Howell dreams that she is whom?
  A.   Tinker bell
  B.   Cinderella
  C.   Thumbellina
  D.   Peter Pan

10. In one episode, Gilligan dreams that he is Dr. Jekyll who turns into Mr. Hyde at the mention of food. As what character does Mrs. Howell appear in his dream?
  A.   Mary Poppins
  B.   judge
  C.   bayliff
  D.   prosecutor®   

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