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Trivia Quiz - The Coca-Cola Company

What do you know about The Coca-Cola Company? Flagship product: Coca-Cola, Coke.

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Date Submitted: July 18, 2010
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Author: bill
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The Coca Cola Company
(Image Source: Coca-Cola Logo @ The Coca-Cola Company)

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1. Where is the headquarters of Coca-Cola Company?
  A.   Detroit, MI
  B.   Charlotte, NC
  C.   Miami, FL
  D.   Atlanta, GA

2. On May 15, 1950, Coca-Cola became the first consumer product to appear on the cover of what magazine?
  A.   Newsweek
  B.   U.S. News & World Report
  C.   Time
  D.   The Saturday Evening Post

3. In what year was Coca-Cola founded?
  A.   1871
  B.   1892
  C.   1915
  D.   1923

4. Coca-Cola produces a root beer soda. What is the name of it?
  A.   Mug
  B.   A&W
  C.   Barq's
  D.   Dad's

5. Coca Cola was originally developed as a wine with extracts of coca leaves and kola nuts. What was it called?
  A.   Cola Wine
  B.   Coca Wine
  C.   Cafe Wine
  D.   Coke Wine

6. Coca Cola was the first corporate sponsor of world-wide sporting event?
  A.   Olympics
  B.   World Cup Soccer
  C.   Baseball World Cup
  D.   Hockey World Cup

7. Who was the inventor of Coca-Cola?
  A.   John Styth Pemberton
  B.   E. H. Bloodworth
  C.   A. O. Murphy
  D.   J. C. Mayfield

8. What is used to add caffeine to Coca-Cola?
  A.   cherries
  B.   sugar
  C.   carbonated water
  D.   kola nut

9. What beverage was Coca-Cola's first attempt to develop a diet soft drink?
  A.   Diet Coke
  B.   Tab
  C.   Coke Light
  D.   Diet Sprite

10. The Coca=Cola Company is committed to address global climate change. What animal are they particularly concerned with?
  A.   arctic hare
  B.   polar bear
  C.   arctic fox
  D.   walrus®   

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