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Trivia Quiz - Famous Flyers: Amazing Pilots!

A quiz about the those airmen and women who created firsts in our skies.

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Date Submitted: July 23, 2010
Quiz Categories: World War II
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Famous Flyers Amazing Pilots
(Image Source: Herbert (Bert) Hinkler

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1. What was Charles Lindbergh, The Lone Eagle, the first to accomplish?
  A.   Non-stop, solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean
  B.   Crossing the English and Irish Channels
  C.   Flying from California to Japan
  D.   Flying from California to Hawaii

2. British flyer, Amy Johnson achieved what aviation milestone?
  A.   First woman to fly from England to South Africa
  B.   First woman to fly solo from England to Russia
  C.   First woman to fly solo from England to Australia
  D.   First woman to fly a jet powered plane

3. Charles Kingsford-Smith was the first flyer to do what?
  A.   Fly across the Himalayas
  B.   Fly across the Pacific Ocean from USA to Australia
  C.   Circumnavigate Australia by air
  D.   Fly non-stop from England to India

4. Frenchman, Louis Bleriot made what historic flight in 1909?
  A.   The circumnavigation of England
  B.   The first crossing of the English Channel
  C.   The first flight over the Swiss Alps
  D.   The first non-stop flight from Paris to Moscow

5. Amelia Earhart achieved what notable flying first?
  A.   The first woman to fly the Pacific Ocean
  B.   The first woman to fly solo from USA to India
  C.   The first solo flight to the North Pole
  D.   The first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean

6. Wiley Post achieved fame and fortune as the first flyer to do what?
  A.   First solo crossing of the Pacific Ocean
  B.   First solo crossing of the Indian Ocean
  C.   First solo circumnavigation of the globe
  D.   First to fly a jet-powered plane

7. Charles Yeager flew into the history books with what famous flight?
  A.   First to fly a jet-powered plane
  B.   First to fly faster than the speed of sound
  C.   First to use an ejector seat to escape a stricken craft
  D.   First to fly a plane into the stratosphere.

8. Richard Byrd flew into the record books with what flight?
  A.   First flight over the North Pole
  B.   First solo flight from Florida to Alaska
  C.   First solo flight over the Himalayas
  D.   First flight (north to south) across Africa

9. Paul Tibbets achieved lasting fame with what first?
  A.   Leading the first bombing raid on Tokyo in World War II
  B.   Downing more Japanese aircraft than any other US pilot in World War II
  C.   Being the first US pilot to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor
  D.   Dropping the first atomic bomb on Japan

10. Australian pilot, Bert Hinkler was the first to do what?
  A.   Fly solo from England to Australia
  B.   Fly over the South Pole
  C.   Fly around the world including both poles
  D.   Fly solo across the Indian Ocean®   

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