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Trivia Quiz - Robert Menzies: 12th Australian Prime Minister

What do you know about Robert Menzies? He was either the 12th Australian Prime Minister or the 16th Australian Prime Minister AND the 17th Australian Prime Minister or the 21st Australian Prime Minister, depending on how you count it.

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Date Submitted: August 19, 2010
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Quiz is about: Robert Menzies

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Robert Menzies 12th Australian Prime Minister
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1. In 1916, Robert Menzies graduated from what university?
  A.   University of Ballarat
  B.   Central Queensland University
  C.   University of Melbourne
  D.   Deakin University

2. What Australian political party did Robert Menzies found?
  A.   Country
  B.   Liberal
  C.   United Australia
  D.   Labor

3. Menzies was renowned as a brilliant speaker. In 1943, he gave a speech which defined and exalted Australia's middle class. The speech has famously become known as:
  A.   Our Enduring Citizens
  B.   Our Greatest Strength
  C.   Australia's Common Man
  D.   The Forgotten People

4. What state did Robert Menzies represent in Parliament?
  A.   Victoria
  B.   Queensland
  C.   New South Wales
  D.   Western Australia

5. In 1938, Menzies had a conflict with waterside workers who refused to load scrap iron being sold to Imperial Japan. What nickname did this earn Menzies?
  A.   Iron Man Bobby
  B.   Iron First Bob
  C.   Scrap Iron Robert
  D.   Pig Iron Bob

6. In what year was Menzies elected Leader of the United Australian Party and sworn in as Prime Minister?
  A.   1932
  B.   1939
  C.   1945
  D.   1949

7. In 1941, Menzies became the first Australian Prime Minister to do what?
  A.   fly overseas
  B.   deliver a speech over the radio
  C.   fly across Australia
  D.   visit Antarctica

8. Which of the following did NOT contribute to Menzies return to power in 1949?
  A.   the anti-communist atmosphere of the early Cold War began to erode Labor's support
  B.   Prime Minister Chifley's intention to nationalise Australia's private banks, arousing middle-class opposition
  C.   the 1949 coal strike, engineered by the Communist Party
  D.   Prime Minister Chifley's introduction of the assisted immigration program

9. Robert Menzies had many "firsts" during his lifetime. Which of the following was NOT one of them?
  A.   first Prime Minister to be knighted during their term of office
  B.   first Prime Minister to be win a "television election"
  C.   first appointment as Knight of the Order of Australia
  D.   first Australian Knight of the Order of the Thistle

10. Menzies' wife, Pattie Menzies, was the third Australian in history to receive what British honor?
  A.   Order of the Garter
  B.   Dame Grand Cross
  C.   Order of St. Patrick
  D.   Order of the Companions of Honour®   

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