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Trivia Quiz - World Wrestling Entertainment Superstars & Legends

How much do you now about WWE superstars and past legends?

Quiz Number: 3474
Date Submitted: October 03, 2010
Quiz Categories: Professional Wrestling
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: charles
Average Score: 50 percent
Times Taken: 47 times
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World Wrestling Entertainment Superstars  Legends
(Image Source: WWE Logo @ The Examiner)

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1. What superstar won "The Money in the Bank ladder match" 2 years in a row at WrestleMania XXIV and XXV?
  A.   CM Punk
  B.   Edge
  C.   Jack Swagger
  D.   Mr. Kennedy

2. What WWE legend defeted legend Andre the Giant at WrestleMania III?
  A.   Bret Hart
  B.   Hulk Hogan
  C.   Ultimate Warrior
  D.   King Kong Bundy

3. What Superstar won the "The Money in the Bank ladder match" match at WrestleMania XXI?
  A.   Mr. Kennedy
  B.   CM punk
  C.   Rob Van Dam
  D.   Edge

4. What WWE legand defeated legend Stone Cold Steve Ausin at WrestleMania XIII?
  A.   The Undertaker
  B.   Shawn Micheals
  C.   Bret Hart
  D.   Andre the giant

5. What Superstar defeated John Cena at "ECW One Night Stand 2006"?
  A.   Edge
  B.   Rob Van Dam
  C.   Triple H
  D.   Jeff Hardy

6. What Superstar won the 2007 Royal Rumble?
  A.   Randy Ortan
  B.   Triple H
  C.   John Cena
  D.   The Undertaker

7. What superstar won the 2002 Royal Rumble?
  A.   Chris Jericho
  B.   Triple H
  C.   The Undertaker
  D.   Kurt Angle

8. What superstar won the "Elimination Chamber Match" at New Year's Revolution 2006?
  A.   John cena
  B.   Triple H
  C.   Shawn Micheals
  D.   Randy Ortan

9. What WWE legend won the 1996 "King of the Ring"?
  A.   The Undertaker
  B.   Shawn Micheals
  C.   Stone Cold Steve Austin
  D.   Jeff Hardy

10. What superstar at "Summer Slam 2004" defeated Chris Benoit and became the youngest World heavyweight champion in history at age 24?
  A.   The Big Show
  B.   Kurt Angle
  C.   John Cena
  D.   Randy Ortan®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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