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Trivia Quiz - College and University Mascot Nicknames: Part II

Can you identify the mascot for the given college or university?

Quiz Number: 3546
Date Submitted: November 12, 2010
Quiz Categories: Sports, Colleges & Universities
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
Average Score: 58.5 percent
Times Taken: 118 times
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College and University Mascot Nicknames Part II
(Image Source: NCAA Mascots)

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1. Princeton University (Princeton, New Jersey):
  A.   Braves
  B.   Trailblazers
  C.   Poets
  D.   Tigers

2. Youngstown State University (Youngstown, Ohio):
  A.   Penguins
  B.   Yardbirds
  C.   Yellow Jackets
  D.   Marauders

3. San Diego State University (San Diego, California):
  A.   Aztecs
  B.   Spartans
  C.   Lynx
  D.   Stars

4. Villanova University (Radnor Township, Pennsylvania):
  A.   Wildcats
  B.   Nittany Lions
  C.   Rangers
  D.   Quakers

5. University of Houston (Houston, Texas):
  A.   Aggies
  B.   Cougars
  C.   Dust Devils
  D.   Red Raiders

6. Kent State (Kent, Ohio):
  A.   Bombers
  B.   Red Titans
  C.   Golden Flashes
  D.   Sycamores

7. University of Mount Union (Alliance, Ohio):
  A.   MuCaw
  B.   Mud Hens
  C.   Mavericks
  D.   Mountaineers

8. Transylvania University (Lexington, Kentucky):
  A.   Vampires
  B.   Wolves
  C.   Pioneers
  D.   Zombies

9. Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, Arizona):
  A.   Lumberjacks
  B.   Wildcats
  C.   Sun Devils
  D.   Suns

10. University of South Florida (Tampa, Florida):
  A.   Gators
  B.   Bulls
  C.   Buccaneers
  D.   Tarpons®   

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