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Trivia Quiz - Chocolat

For the Chocolat lovers out there...

Quiz Number: 3564
Date Submitted: November 16, 2010
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 64.2 percent
Times Taken: 358 times
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1. What was the "special ingredient" in Vianne's 2000 year old hot chocolate recipe?
  A.   booze
  B.   chili powder
  C.   cinnamon
  D.   nutmeg

2. To what did Pere Henri admit to having a weakness?
  A.   American music
  B.   chocolate pepper triangles
  C.   rich desserts
  D.   women

3. Vianne's decision to move from one town to another was always heavily influenced by:
  A.   how well her chocolates sold
  B.   the North wind
  C.   the reactions of the townspeople
  D.   the sound of distant churchbells

4. When Josephine said, "Who says I can't use a skillet?", she was referring to having used a skillet to:
  A.   cook amazing fried chicken
  B.   hit her husband over the head
  C.   melt white chocolate for Vianne's candy
  D.   stop a pirate attack

5. The "Boycott Immorality" signs around the village referred to:
  A.   Armande's birthday party
  B.   the River Rats
  C.   Serge's Cantina
  D.   Chocolaterie Maya

6. According to Gati, the little river girl, Roux was:
  A.   her brother
  B.   her daddy
  C.   her pony
  D.   her uncle

7. Roux's favorite chocolate turned out to be:
  A.   chocolate seashells
  B.   dark chocolate covered worms
  C.   hot chocolate
  D.   Nipples of Venus

8. The Compte de Reynaud evicted Serge from the village for:
  A.   wandering around drunk in the village square
  B.   setting fire to Roux's boat, thus putting lives in danger
  C.   allowing River Rats into his cafe
  D.   going to the chocolaterie, which was forbidden to the townspeople

9. What became of Armande after she left her birthday party?
  A.   She checked herself into a hospital
  B.   She died in the fire on the river
  C.   She fell asleep in her chair and died at home
  D.   She packed her things and left for Vienna

10. Where did Pere Henri find the Compte on Easter morning?
  A.   in an alley behind the church, having drunk heavily the night before
  B.   in the church sanctuary, crying over his wife's long absence
  C.   in his office, having died because he had starved himself during lent
  D.   sleeping in Vianne's display window, having destroyed the display and gorged himself with chocolate®   

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