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Trivia Quiz - Karate Kid: (1984)

For those who remember the original "Karate Kid" Wax on. Wax off.

Quiz Number: 3608
Date Submitted: November 29, 2010
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 57.9 percent
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Karate Kid (1984)
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1. Where did Daniel live before moving to California?
  A.   Newark
  B.   Parsippany
  C.   South Amboy
  D.   Trenton

2. To what city in California did Daniel move?
  A.   Anaheim
  B.   Beverly Hills
  C.   Encino
  D.   Reseda

3. What was the name of the motel where Daniel and his mom stayed on their way to California?
  A.   Canyon Portal
  B.   Desert Inn
  C.   Pacific Isle
  D.   Starlite Inn

4. When Daniel visited the Cobra Kais' dojo, he heard the teacher name several things which "did not exist" at their dojo. Which of the following was NOT one of them?
  A.   defeat
  B.   fear
  C.   pain
  D.   weakness

5. What was the name of the apartments to which Daniel and his mom moved?
  A.   California Paradise
  B.   Garden of Eden
  C.   The Hills
  D.   South Seas

6. What was the name of the restaurant across from the Cobra Kais' dojo?
  A.   Chung Lee's Chinese Restaurant
  B.   Orient Express
  C.   Pearl of the Orient
  D.   The Rocket

7. What was the name of Daniel's mother?
  A.   Alice
  B.   Sherry
  C.   Lucille
  D.   Susan

8. Which of the following did Mr. Miyagi NOT learn from his father?
  A.   bicycle repair
  B.   fishing
  C.   karate
  D.   trimming Bonsai trees

9. According to Mr. Miyagi, what did the word "karate" mean?
  A.   empty hand
  B.   fast hand
  C.   closed hand
  D.   open hand

10. Which of the following was NOT true of Mr. Miyagi?
  A.   He didn't have a driver's license.
  B.   He had a dog named Banzai.
  C.   He once had a wife and child.
  D.   He came from Okinawa.®   

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