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Trivia Quiz - The Brady Bunch: Beyond the Basics II

Try these ridiculously difficult Brady brainteasers!

Quiz Number: 3616
Date Submitted: November 29, 2010
Quiz Categories: The Brady Bunch
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
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The Brady Bunch Beyond the Basics II
(Image Source: The Brady Bunch)

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1. In the episode, "Hawaii bound", what is the name of the singer that performs with Don Ho, for Bobby and Cindy
  A.   Keali Kalahawi
  B.   Sam Kapu
  C.   Pete Mahala
  D.   Nate Lapua

2. What does the sign read that hangs on Peter's bed?
  A.   Peter
  B.   Keep Off
  C.   Stay Out
  D.   Pete's Bed

3. In the episode, "Dear Libby", what is the name of the Illinois town where Harried and Hopeless is from?
  A.   Springfield
  B.   Wheaton
  C.   Kingsford
  D.   Winfield

4. In the episode, "The Possible Dream", who picks up the used books that the Brady's donate? (along with Marcia's diary)
  A.   Salvation Army
  B.   Friends in Need Society
  C.   Book Nook Used Books
  D.   Westdale Library

5. In the episode, "The Un-Underground Movie", Greg produces a student film entitled, "Our Pilgrim Fathers". What is film's subtitle?
  A.   Through Hardship to Freedom
  B.   The Pilgrims
  C.   The Mayflower Voyage
  D.   Plymouth Rock in December

6. Besides "Fluffy," what is painted on the front of Fluffy the cat's house? (as shown during the backyard wedding in the pilot episode entitled, "The Honeymoon."
  A.   Fluffy Meows Here
  B.   Fluffy's House
  C.   For Cats Only
  D.   The Cat Condo

7. What is the name of the building that is home to Mr. Dimsdale's recording studio in which the Brady Six record, "Time to Change"?
  A.   Royal Records
  B.   Mercola Building
  C.   Chanteclier Building
  D.   Morristown South Building

8. What is the room number that the Brady's stay in on their honeymoon?
  A.   2100
  B.   312
  C.   101
  D.   222

9. In the Grand Canyon episode, what is the name that is given to Cindy by Chief Eagle Cloud?
  A.   Wandering Blossom
  B.   Little Eagle of Large Nest
  C.   Brave Little Princess
  D.   Sleeping Lizard

10. In the pilot episdoe, what is the name of the catering company that caters the wedding?
  A.   John's Catering
  B.   Weddings and Banquets, Inc.
  C.   Redwood Catering Service
  D.   California Caterers®   

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