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Trivia Quiz - Frasier: Funny & Sophisticated Sitcom!

I've been wanting to write this one for some time. What do you know about the sitcom "Frasier" trivia?

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Date Submitted: December 03, 2010
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Author: bill
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Frasier Funny  Sophisticated Sitcom
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1. In what western U.S. city does the sitcom "Frasier" take place?
  A.   Portland, OR
  B.   Seattle, WA
  C.   Sacramento, CA
  D.   Los Angeles, CA

2. What is the name of Martin's dog?
  A.   Benny
  B.   Rocky
  C.   Billy
  D.   Eddie

3. What is Daphne's occupation?
  A.   caterer
  B.   nurse
  C.   housekeeper
  D.   physical therapist

4. What character is often talked about but never appears on the show?
  A.   Mary
  B.   Maris
  C.   Mavis
  D.   Maggie

5. What is the name of the radio station at which Frasier works as a radio psychiatrist?
  A.   KACL
  B.   WCKL
  C.   KSEA
  D.   WSNW

6. What piece of furniture, owned by Martin, annoys Frasier?
  A.   couch
  B.   table
  C.   recliner
  D.   lamp

7. During season 5, Roz becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby girl. What is her's baby's name?
  A.   Anne
  B.   Angie
  C.   Alice
  D.   Amy

8. Martin Crane is retired from what occupation?
  A.   psychiatrist
  B.   detective
  C.   lawyer
  D.   furniture store owner

9. Bob Briscoe, the host of a radio sports show that aired following Frasier's show, makes regular appearances. What is Bob's nickname?
  A.   Dog
  B.   Danger
  C.   Buddy
  D.   Bulldog

10. How many seasons did "Frasier" air?
  A.   9
  B.   10
  C.   11
  D.   12®   

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