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Trivia Quiz - James Scullin: 9th Prime Minister of Australia

The Prime Minister for whom many said had the misfortune to become the nation's leader at the wrong time.

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Date Submitted: December 04, 2010
Quiz Categories: World Leaders, Australian Prime Ministers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: James H Scullin

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James Scullin 9th Prime Minister of Australia
(Image Source: James Scullin)

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1. Scullin was born in 1876 and grew up in which Victorian town?
  A.   Bendigo
  B.   Ballarat
  C.   Moe
  D.   Sale

2. Scullin had many jobs before going into politics. His main occupation was?
  A.   Butcher
  B.   Undertaker
  C.   Teacher
  D.   Grocer

3. In 1906 Scullin ran as a Labour Party candidate against which Prime Minister?
  A.   Edmund Barton
  B.   George Reid
  C.   Alfred Deakin
  D.   Chris Watson

4. Scullin won the seat of Corangamite in 1910, lost it in 1913 and eventually won the safe seat of Yarra in 1922. Becoming Prime Minister in 1929 he was the first Prime Minister to be:
  A.   Roman Catholic
  B.   Jewish
  C.   Born in Australia
  D.   Unmarried

5. Scullin created a precedent by being the first Prime Minister to:
  A.   Have a majority in both houses of parliament
  B.   Speak on radio
  C.   Recommend the appointment of the Governor General
  D.   Visit all states by aeroplane

6. After only being in power for a week, what event occurred that would seriously affect Scullin's term?
  A.   National miners' strike
  B.   Victorian bush fires
  C.   The collapse of the nation's banks
  D.   Wall St crash

7. Which Australian institution did Scullin create during his term in office?
  A.   Commonwealth Bank
  B.   Australian Broadcasting Commission
  C.   Snowy Mountains Scheme
  D.   Australian Taxation Office

8. Scullin's government was brought down by a no-confidence motion instigated by the opposition and supporters of which Labor figure?
  A.   Arthur Fadden
  B.   Jack Lang
  C.   Chris Watson
  D.   Billy Hughes

9. Scullin was a man of simple tastes. He neither drank alcohol or smoked. Which musical instrument did he play?
  A.   Piano
  B.   Trumpet
  C.   Violin
  D.   Clarinet

10. Scullin also was prudent with his personal spending. At what age did he purchase his first home?
  A.   Over 40
  B.   Over 50
  C.   Over 60
  D.   70®   

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