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Trivia Quiz - The Brady Bunch: The Games Bradys Play

All about the games the Bradys play together. If you can answer all of these correctly, you are a total Brady me!

Quiz Number: 3670
Date Submitted: December 12, 2010
Quiz Categories: The Brady Bunch
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 52.1 percent
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The Brady Bunch The Games Bradys Play
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1. What Greg, Marcia, Jan, and Peter play when they all have the measles:
  A.   checkers
  B.   dominoes
  C.   Old Maid
  D.   Monopoly

2. Alice slipped on this game and sprained her ankle:
  A.   Chinese Checkers
  B.   dominoes
  C.   Monopoly
  D.   Sorry

3. In "The Dropout",while Greg is sitting in the family room reading about baseball, Carol puts away this game:
  A.   checkers
  B.   dominoes
  C.   Monopoly
  D.   Scrabble

4. How Greg tears his new jeans in "The Tattletale":
  A.   climbing a tree
  B.   playing basketball
  C.   trying to walk on stilts
  D.   jumping on a trampoline

5. In "The Winner", Jan and Marcia are playing this in the backyard and they let Bobby have a turn:
  A.   Frisbee
  B.   hopscotch
  C.   horseshoes
  D.   ring toss

6. In "Juliet is the Sun", Jan, Peter, and Bobby are doing this in the family room, while Greg and Alice are talking in the kitchen:
  A.   playing cards
  B.   playing jacks
  C.   playing Scrabble
  D.   working a jigsaw puzzle

7. In "The Subject Was Noses", Jan and Cindy are playing this when Charley comes over:
  A.   cards
  B.   checkers
  C.   chess
  D.   Operation

8. In "The Private Ear", Greg and Marcia are playing this when Peter comes in and hints around for some new records:
  A.   Battleship
  B.   cards
  C.   Life
  D.   chess

9. In "Try,Try Again",Jan smashes one of these on her way in from ballet class:
  A.   a badminton birdy
  B.   a model airplane
  C.   a ping-pong ball
  D.   a wiffle ball

10. In "Try,Try Again", this is one thing at which the Brady kids do NOT let Jan win:
  A.   basketball
  B.   darts
  C.   Monopoly
  D.   ping-pong®   

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