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Trivia Quiz - Ben Chifley: 16th Australian Prime Minister

The man who said, "I have been unable to hate anyone. The only things I hate are want, misery and insecurity."

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Date Submitted: December 22, 2010
Quiz Categories: World Leaders, Australian Prime Ministers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Ben Chifley

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Ben Chifley 16th Australian Prime Minister
(Image Source: Ben Chifley)

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1. Born in Bathurst in 1885, the son of a blacksmith, what occupation did Chifley take up?
  A.   teacher
  B.   policeman
  C.   sheet metal worker
  D.   locomotive driver

2. Which federal seat did Chifley represent for the Labor Party?
  A.   Lyne
  B.   Parkes
  C.   Macquarie
  D.   Hughes

3. What cabinet portfolio did Chifley hold in the Curtin government?
  A.   Treasurer
  B.   Industrial Relations
  C.   Foreign Affairs
  D.   Attorney General

4. Chifley was a man of simple tastes. What item did he not own?
  A.   His own home
  B.   Dinner suit
  C.   Radio
  D.   Car

5. What was significant about the 1946 election with Chifley as Prime Minister?
  A.   It was the first time a Labor government had increased its majority
  B.   There were no elected members of the Country Party
  C.   It was the first parliament without Billy Hughes
  D.   It was the first time a Labor government had been re-elected

6. Which of the following initiatives was not one of Chifley's achievements?
  A.   Snowy Mountains Scheme
  B.   Establishment of the Australian Security and Intelligence Organization (ASIO)
  C.   Creation of the Reserve Bank
  D.   Increased migration program

7. What decision by Chifley in 1949 was greeted with scorn by many in the Labor Party?
  A.   The use of the army to break the national coal strike
  B.   An attempt to re-introduce conscription as a way to reduce unemployment
  C.   A 20% reduction in the minimum wage
  D.   A reduction in the tax rate for the wealthy

8. Which major policy initiative was credited as the cause of Chifley's defeat by Menzies in 1949?
  A.   Removal of the White Australia Policy
  B.   Nationalisation of banks
  C.   Outlawing of the Communist Party
  D.   Republican campaign

9. What expression of Chifley's has been used by many in the Labor Party as an example of what the party stands for?
  A.   The hope of the people
  B.   The light on the hill
  C.   Fighting for the right
  D.   No-one left behind

10. Chifley died June 13, 1951 while a ball was being held in Canberra to commemorate what?
  A.   The re-election of the Menzies government
  B.   Fifty years of national government
  C.   The opening of the Snowy Mountains Scheme
  D.   The introduction of the Holden motor car®   

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