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Trivia Quiz - Barry Williams: American Actor

You know him as Greg Brady of "The Brady Bunch", but what else do you know about Barry Williams?

Quiz Number: 3732
Date Submitted: December 27, 2010
Quiz Categories: The Brady Bunch, Television Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
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Quiz is about: Barry Williams

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Barry Williams American Actor
(Image Source: Barry Williams Photo by Luigi Novi.)

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1. What is Barry Williams' actual name?
  A.   Bartholmew Wilhelm
  B.   Barry David Williamson
  C.   Barry William Blenkhorn
  D.   William Barry

2. In what 60's mystery crime drama did Barry Williams make his television debut?
  A.   Adam-12
  B.   Dragnet
  C.   Hawaii Five-O
  D.   Ironside

3. As a child, Barry Williams was a neighbor of which actor, whom he idolized and asked for advice on becoming an actor?
  A.   John Wayne
  B.   Peter Graves
  C.   James Arness
  D.   Burt Lancaster

4. In 1972, Barry williams appeared as himself on "The Dating Game". Which bachelorette did Barry choose?
  A.   Bachelorette #1
  B.   Bachelorette #2
  C.   Bachelorette #3
  D.   Chose not to date any of them

5. Barry once lost a celebrity boxing match to which other 70's teen sitcom star?
  A.   Scott Baio
  B.   Danny Bonaduce
  C.   David Cassidy
  D.   Philip McKeon

6. What was the name of the best selling book Barry Williams co-authored in 1992?
  A.   That's the Way I Became Greg Brady
  B.   Barry Williams: My Story
  C.   Growing Up Brady
  D.   A Bunch of Brady

7. In 1963, Barry had a stint on what daytime soap opera?
  A.   Guiding Light
  B.   General Hospital
  C.   As the World Turns
  D.   Another World

8. Which Brady cast member was Barry's best man in his first wedding in 1990?
  A.   Robbie Rist
  B.   Mike Lookinland
  C.   Robert Reed
  D.   Christopher Knight

9. In 1999, Barry Willimas released an album based on a character he portrayed in a Brady Bunch episode. What was the character's name?
  A.   Oliver
  B.   Johnny Bravo
  C.   Phil Packer
  D.   Sam Franklin

10. Of all the girls Barry Williams got to date as the suave Greg Brady on The Brady Bunch, how many did he actually get to kiss on-screen?
  A.   0
  B.   3
  C.   4
  D.   8®   

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