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Trivia Quiz - The Brady Bunch: Random Brady Bits from Season 2

Questions pertaining to Season 2 of "The Brady Bunch."

Quiz Number: 3755
Date Submitted: December 30, 2010
Quiz Categories: The Brady Bunch
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
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The Brady Bunch Random Brady Bits from Season 2
(Image Source: The Brady Bunch)

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1. In "The Babysitters", Mike gets 2 tickets for what show?
  A.   Fiddler On the Roof
  B.   Hello Dolly
  C.   We are never told the name of the show
  D.   West Side Story

2. According to Carol, this is the sound the water heater makes when it's acting up:
  A.   bloop bloop bloop
  B.   crash
  C.   kaboom kaboom
  D.   rattle rattle

3. In "The Babysitter", Mike and Carol were eating at a fancy restaurant when Mike claimed he saw an old friend. What was the friend's name?
  A.   Charlie Hoffman
  B.   Don Hickman
  C.   Hank Gates
  D.   Jay Randolph

4. In "The Slumber Caper", Marcia did a drawing of George Washington. Then another student wrote an insulting remark on the page about their teacher. What was the name of the teacher?
  A.   Mrs. Ditmeyer
  B.   Mrs. Denton
  C.   Mrs. Johnson
  D.   Mrs. Whitfield

5. When Greg is making the film about the pilgrims, Mike tells him that there will be no film unless:
  A.   real food is used in the film
  B.   Peter and Bobby are allowed to be Indians
  C.   Greg removes the lense cap from the camera
  D.   everyone wears black and white

6. Where did Carol grow up?
  A.   Albuquerque, New Mexico
  B.   Cincinnati, Ohio
  C.   Swampscott, Massachusetts
  D.   Seattle, Washington

7. In "The Tattle-Tale", which neighbors can be heard adding on a room to their house?
  A.   The Ditmeyers
  B.   The Hintons
  C.   The Listons
  D.   The Winters

8. For what product did Alice write a winning jingle?
  A.   Driscoll's Toys
  B.   Everprest Fabric Softener
  C.   SAFE Laundry Soap
  D.   Esquisita Spaghetti Sauce

9. What punishment was Greg given for smoking?
  A.   He was grounded for 2 weeks.
  B.   He was not allowed to play his guitar at Steven Decatur High School.
  C.   He had to miss a rock concert.
  D.   He didn't get punished.

10. In "Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?", Cindy was looking for some hair ribbons. Whose were they?
  A.   Ginny's
  B.   her own
  C.   Millicent's
  D.   Margie's®   

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