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Trivia Quiz - The Brady Bunch: Random Brady Bits from Season 3 (Part 1)

Here are questions about Season Three of the Brady Bunch. Because this is my favorite season of the show, I wrote the quiz in two parts.

Quiz Number: 3756
Date Submitted: December 30, 2010
Quiz Categories: The Brady Bunch
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
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The Brady Bunch Random Brady Bits from Season 3 (Part 1)
(Image Source: The Brady Bunch)

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1. Alice once played this role in a play at a girls' school:
  A.   Hamlet
  B.   Julius Caesar
  C.   Lysander
  D.   Romeo

2. According to Alice, Greg's $100 car sounded like:
  A.   an inhuman moan
  B.   a cow died in the driveway
  C.   the mating call of a lovesick moose
  D.   someone in agony

3. Which of the following laundry soaps did the Bradys NOT try?
  A.   Champ
  B.   Clear and Bright
  C.   Dazzle
  D.   Help

4. What was the title of Jan's "winning" essay?
  A.   My Life as a Middle Child
  B.   What America Means To Me
  C.   Why My Father Should Be Father of the Year
  D.   Why I Would Like To Be an Only Child

5. Alice wore black bobby socks for a month when:
  A.   Andy Williams got divorced
  B.   Buddy Holly died
  C.   Frank Sinatra got married
  D.   Sam found another woman

6. When Marcia and Mike went to the TV station expecting to see Davy Jones, they found this person there instead:
  A.   astronaut Dick Whitfield
  B.   Desi Arnaz Jr.
  C.   the head of the Department of Sanitation
  D.   the mayor of the city

7. In "Big Little Man", Sam is taking Alice here after he closes his shop:
  A.   The Destruction Derby
  B.   a drive-in movie
  C.   The Meat Cutters' Ball
  D.   a wrestling match

8. In "Dough Re Mi",where did Cindy keep her "secret money"?
  A.   in a piggy bank under her bed
  B.   inside a doll
  C.   in a shoebox in the closet
  D.   under her pillow

9. From whom did Aunt Jenny get her recipe for sukiyaki?
  A.   Golda Meir
  B.   the King of Thailand
  C.   one of Emperor Hirohito's chefs
  D.   Madam Khrushchev

10. In "The Power of the Press", Peter pretended to be talking about this on the phone when Mike walked in:
  A.   osmosis
  B.   primates
  C.   volcanoes
  D.   vertebrates®   

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