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Trivia Quiz - Spelling Bee

How good a speller are you? Find the correctly spelled word from the four available choices in this spelling quiz!

Quiz Number: 3769
Date Submitted: January 05, 2011
Quiz Categories: Grammar & Vocabulary
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
Average Score: 47.8 percent
Times Taken: 250 times
Taken by Registered Users: 15

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Spelling Bee
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1. Which word below is the correctly spelled version of "it cannot be resisted"?
  A.   irresistable
  B.   iresistible
  C.   irrisistable
  D.   irresistible

2. Find the correctly spelled description of a dangerous childhood disease
  A.   diphtheria
  B.   diptheria
  C.   dipthiria
  D.   diphthiria

3. Which version below means persistence and commitment?
  A.   perseverence
  B.   perseverance
  C.   perserverence
  D.   perserverance

4. Find the correctly spelled version which means a group of soldiers.
  A.   batalion
  B.   batallion
  C.   battallion
  D.   battalion

5. Which word below means an incident or event?
  A.   ocurrence
  B.   occurrance
  C.   occurance
  D.   occurrence

6. Find the word below which means to put up or make allowances.
  A.   accomodate
  B.   accommodate
  C.   accomadate
  D.   accommadate

7. Which word below means to disperse or scatter?
  A.   dissipate
  B.   disipate
  C.   dissapate
  D.   disapate

8. Which word below means a persecution or annoyance?
  A.   harrassment
  B.   harassment
  C.   harrisment
  D.   harrasment

9. Which word below means humiliated or shamed?
  A.   embarrased
  B.   embarassed
  C.   embarrassed
  D.   embarased

10. Find the correctly spelled version of the word which means apart or split
  A.   separated
  B.   seperated
  C.   separrated
  D.   sepperated®   

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