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Trivia Quiz - Walter Becker: Driving Steely Dan

What do you know about the "guitar half" of Steely Dan, Walter Becker?

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Date Submitted: March 26, 2011
Quiz Categories: Steely Dan
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Walter Becker

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Walter Becker Driving Steely Dan
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1. In what American city was Walter Becker born and raised?
  A.   New York City
  B.   Hartford, CT
  C.   Albany, NY
  D.   Burlington, VT

2. While attending what university did Walter Becker meet his Steely Dan partner, Donald Fagen?
  A.   Bard College
  B.   Elmira College
  C.   Vassar College
  D.   Russell Sage College

3. In 2001, both Walter Becker and Donald Fagen received Honorary Doctor of Music degrees, both accepting their degrees in person. What university awarded them the degrees?
  A.   Blair School of Music
  B.   Berklee College of Music
  C.   Carnegie Mellon School of Music
  D.   MacPhail Center for Music

4. What was the name of Walter Becker's first solo album?
  A.   Morph the Cat
  B.   Circus Money
  C.   11 Tracks of Whack
  D.   The Nightfly

5. What Donald Fagen solo album did Walter Becker produce?
  A.   The Nightfly
  B.   Kamakiriad
  C.   Morph the Cat
  D.   Circus Money

6. After Steely Dan's break up in 1981, Walter Becker left the cold of the northeast and moved to what warmer state?
  A.   California
  B.   Florida
  C.   Arizona
  D.   Hawaii

7. During the Steely Dan "dark ages," Walter Becker worked as a record producer. With which of the following bands/musicians did he not work?
  A.   Kim Carnes
  B.   Michael Franks
  C.   China Crisis
  D.   Rickie Lee Jones

8. Walter Becker, along with Donald Fagen, won three Grammy Awards for what 2001 Steely Dan album?
  A.   Gaucho
  B.   Citizen Steely Dan
  C.   Everything Must Go
  D.   Two Against Nature

9. What was the name of Walter Becker's second solo album?
  A.   Morph the Cat
  B.   Circus Money
  C.   11 Tracks of Whack
  D.   The Nightfly

10. In what year were Walter Becker and Donald Fagen inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as members of the rock band Steely Dan?
  A.   1974
  B.   1981
  C.   1995
  D.   2001®   

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