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Trivia Quiz - Everybody Hates Chris

This is my quiz on "Everybody Hates Chris."

Quiz Number: 3931
Date Submitted: May 08, 2011
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: charles
Average Score: 85.4 percent
Times Taken: 292 times
Taken by Registered Users: 3

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Everybody Hates Chris
(Image Source: Everybody Hates Chris)

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1. Who is the unpopular, oldest child?
  A.   Drew
  B.   Chris
  C.   Greg
  D.   Tonya

2. Who is the father?
  A.   Julius
  B.   Monk
  C.   Jerome
  D.   Risky

3. who is the ghetto-snobbish mother?
  A.   Louise Clarkson
  B.   Pam
  C.   Rochelle
  D.   Vanessa

4. Who is the popular brother?
  A.   Drew
  B.   Chris
  C.   Greg
  D.   Caruso

5. Who is the spoiled, smart mouthed sister?
  A.   Lisa
  B.   Tasha
  C.   Keisha
  D.   Tonya

6. Who is the weird, nerdy friend?
  A.   Fat Mike
  B.   Greg
  C.   Drew
  D.   Chris

7. Who is the racist school bully?
  A.   Greg
  B.   Caruso
  C.   Drew
  D.   James

8. Who is the street dealer who sells stolen stuff?
  A.   Kill Moves
  B.   Julius
  C.   Risky
  D.   Jerome

9. Who is the older teenager who takes money from smaller kids?
  A.   Kill Moves
  B.   Jerome
  C.   Julius
  D.   Risky

10. Who is the local store owner?
  A.   Doc
  B.   Risky
  C.   Kill Moves
  D.   Monk®   

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