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Trivia Quiz - Lisa Rinna

Trivia Questions about the life and career of Lisa Rinna

Quiz Number: 3952
Date Submitted: July 11, 2011
Quiz Categories: Television Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dave
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Quiz is about: Lisa Rinna

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Lisa Rinna
(Image Source: Lisa Rinna @ her official website)

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1. Lisa Rinna is good friends with what talk show host?
  A.   Oprah Winfrey
  B.   Howard Stern
  C.   Arsenio Hall
  D.   Phil Donahue

2. What Day time Drama Did Lisa Star in?
  A.   As the World Turns
  B.   The Young and the Restless
  C.   All My Children
  D.   Days of our Lives

3. Lisa Rinna owns 2 clothing boutiques in Southern California called what?
  A.   Belle Gray
  B.   Rinnas
  C.   LR Design
  D.   Deannas Designs

4. Who did Lisa Rinna replace in 2007 as host of TV Guide Network's red carpet coverage?
  A.   Katie Couric
  B.   Barbara Walters
  C.   Kathy Lee Gifford
  D.   Joan Rivers

5. On what television show did Lisa Rinna play Taylor McBride in for 66 episodes from 1996 to 1998?
  A.   Dynasty
  B.   Dallas
  C.   Melrose Place
  D.   Peyton Place

6. What magazine did Lisa Rinna model for In 1998?
  A.   Playboy
  B.   Penthouse
  C.   Sport Illustrated Swimsuit edition
  D.   Maxim

7. What cosmetic procedure did Lisa Rinna undergo that she later said was a mistake?
  A.   Botox
  B.   Juvéderm
  C.   Breast Enlargement
  D.   Liposuction

8. Who did Lisa Rinna marry in 1997?
  A.   Nicholas Cage
  B.   Harold Burke
  C.   Harry Hamlin
  D.   Anthony Hopkins

9. What year was Lisa Rinna born?
  A.   1954
  B.   1963
  C.   1970
  D.   1975

10. What show did Lisa Rinna co-host and receive a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for in 2006?
  A.   All before 5
  B.   TV Today
  C.   Soap Talk
  D.   All the Drama®   

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