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Trivia Quiz - Friends: TV Sitcom: Season Nine Facts

Trivia and facts about the ninth season of the TV sitcom, "Friends."

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Date Submitted: June 17, 2011
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Friends TV Sitcom Season Nine Facts
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1. This friend “proposed” to Rachel in the Season Finale of Season 8 of “Friends,” thus confusing the rest of the gang for the Season 9 premier.
  A.   Ross
  B.   Chandler
  C.   Joey
  D.   Phoebe

2. Phoebe and Joey decide to hook each other up with dates. Joey picks a name out of thin air, and then seeks to find someone by that name for Phoebe. Who does he find?
  A.   David
  B.   Mike
  C.   Ryan
  D.   Parker

3. Guest starring as Sandy, this actor played the Geller-Greene Nanny
  A.   Freddie Prinze Jr
  B.   Paul Rudd
  C.   John Stamos
  D.   Christina Applegate

4. Rachel mistakenly kisses her new coworker on the balcony at Chandler and Monica’s. What is this coworker’s name?
  A.   Mr. Zelner
  B.   Gunther
  C.   Gavin
  D.   Pete

5. When she was 14, Phoebe mugged Ross. She stole his original comic book from him. What was that comic book called?
  A.   Science Boy
  B.   Dinosaur Boy
  C.   The Rossatron
  D.   Red Ross

6. Ross joins a social networking site. On Ross’ profile, Chandler posts all of the following except that
  A.   Ross cloned a dinosaur
  B.   Ross died
  C.   Ross is gay
  D.   Ross was hit by a blimp

7. This friend is very apprehensive about joining the lottery buzz, but eventually comes around
  A.   Ross
  B.   Joey
  C.   Phoebe
  D.   Rachel

8. Joey buys the rest of the gang tickets to what to try and keep them from his Days of Our Lives yearly roof party?
  A.   Tickets to a one person play, “Why Don’t you Like Me?”
  B.   Tickets to Frued!, a play about Sigmund Frued
  C.   New York Knicks Tickets
  D.   d. Tickets to a special showing of Die Hard

9. Chandler and Monica go to a fertility clinic and encounter…
  A.   Ross and Rachel
  B.   Monica’s parents
  C.   Mike and Phoebe
  D.   Janice

10. The season finale takes place in Barbados . This person shows up to chase Phoebe.
  A.   Duncan, the not-gay gay Canadian Ice Dancer
  B.   Mike, the random blind date
  C.   David, the scientist “from Minsk”
  D.   Ryan, Phoebe’s Navy love®   

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