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Trivia Quiz - Kelly Clarkson

Kelly was an American Idol winner. Test your Kelly Clarkson trivia knowledge here!

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Date Submitted: July 24, 2011
Quiz Categories: Singers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: stringbean
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Quiz is about: Kelly Clarkson

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Kelly Clarkson
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1. What is Kelly Clarkson's middle name?
  A.   Pam
  B.   Brianne
  C.   May
  D.   June

2. List Kelly Clarkson's albums in order of release:
  A.   Breakaway, Thankful, My December, All I Ever Wanted
  B.   Thankful, Breakaway, All I Ever Wanted, My December
  C.   Thankful, Breakaway, My December, All I Ever Wanted
  D.   All I Ever Wanted, My December, Thankful, Breakaway

3. Which season of "American Idol" did Kelly Clarkson win?
  A.   1st
  B.   3rd
  C.   5th
  D.   2nd

4. For her top 6 performance on "American Idol," what did she sing?
  A.   Big Band
  B.   Stuff Like That There
  C.   I Surrender
  D.   Respect

5. What song did she sing in her World Idol performance?
  A.   A Moment Like This
  B.   Beautiful Disaster
  C.   Walk on By
  D.   (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman

6. In what film did Kelly star in 2003?
  A.   From Kelly to Justin
  B.   Reba
  C.   From Justin to Kelly
  D.   Sabrina

7. Where did Kelly Clarkson grow up?
  A.   Trulia, TX
  B.   Turkey, TX
  C.   Burleson. TX
  D.   Dime Box, TX

8. For which album did she win her first Grammy?
  A.   Since U Been Gone
  B.   Thankful
  C.   All I Ever Wanted
  D.   Breakaway

9. How many Teen Choice Awards did she win?
  A.   9
  B.   6
  C.   8
  D.   5

10. Which university did Kelly Clarkson attend?
  A.   The University of Texas
  B.   University of North Texas
  C.   Cal Berkley
  D.   None®   

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