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Trivia Quiz - Franklin D. Roosevelt Facts: Part 3

Franklin D. Roosevelt Trivia

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Date Submitted: August 02, 2011
Quiz Categories: American Presidents, World War II, World Leaders, American Government
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: patrickryan
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Quiz is about: Franklin D Roosevelt

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Franklin D. Roosevelt Facts Part 3
(Image Source: Franklin D Roosevelt @ Wikipedia)

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1. Who was Franklin Roosevelt's long-term mistress?
  A.   Mae West
  B.   Ella Lee Fitzgerald
  C.   Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd
  D.   Grace Tully

2. Which of FDR's children was present when Joe Kennedy Jr. died during WWII?
  A.   Kermit Roosevelt
  B.   Elliot Roosevelt
  C.   FDR, Jr.
  D.   James Roosevelt

3. What was the main message of Franklin Roosevelt's third presidential term campaign?
  A.   you boys are not going to be sent into any foreign war
  B.   speak softly and carry a big stick
  C.   a plague on both your union labor houses
  D.   join the stop Hilter bloc

4. FDR and Eleanor had two children named Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr. Why?
  A.   FDR and Eleanor liked the name
  B.   the first FDR Jr passed away as a baby
  C.   FDR's parents wanted two grandchildren named FDR Jr.
  D.   none of the above

5. What was FDR's dog's name?
  A.   Fala
  B.   Eleanor
  C.   Lucy
  D.   Lassie

6. What did Eleanor refuse to do when President F. Roosevelt was ailing in 1942?
  A.   take over duties as president
  B.   grant him a divorce
  C.   live with him
  D.   have another child

7. Who was with FDR when he died?
  A.   Eleanor
  B.   his long time mistress
  C.   FDR Jr.
  D.   Harry S. Truman

8. What brand of cigarettes did FDR enjoy?
  A.   Camel
  B.   Lucky Strikes
  C.   Old Gold
  D.   Pall Mall

9. What was FDR's handicap?
  A.   back injury from a war injury
  B.   asthma
  C.   he was paralyzed with polio
  D.   diabetic

10. How old was FDR when he died?
  A.   58
  B.   60
  C.   63
  D.   67®   

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