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Trivia Quiz - Philadelphia Eagles History & Facts

What do you know about the history of the Philadelphia Eagles franchise?

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Date Submitted: August 10, 2011
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Author: bill
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Philadelphia Eagles History  Facts
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1. In 1948, the Philadelphia Eagles won their first NFL championship, beating the Chicago Cardinals, 7-0. This game has become known as what?
  A.   Snow Bowl
  B.   Mud Bowl
  C.   Blizzard Bowl
  D.   Ice Bowl

2. In 1976, Dick Vermeil was hired from UCLA to coach the Eagles. Starting in 1978, Vermeil led the team to how many consecutive playoff appearances?
  A.   3
  B.   4
  C.   5
  D.   6

3. Vermeil's 1980 team won their first NFC East title but lost the 1981 Super Bowl to what team?
  A.   Dallas Cowboys
  B.   Pittsburgh Steelers
  C.   Kansas City Chiefs
  D.   Oakland Raiders

4. The Eagles' oldest rivalry began on October 5, 1933 when the team faced off against what team for the first time?
  A.   New York Giants
  B.   Washington Redskins
  C.   Chicago Bears
  D.   Green Bay Packers

5. In 1986, Buddy Ryan was hired as the Eagles' head coach. Ryan had a reputation as a defensive specialist and was largely credited with implementing and perfecting what defensive scheme?
  A.   46 defense
  B.   Nickel defense
  C.   Dime defense
  D.   Eight-in-the-box defense

6. Eagles' head coach Buddy Ryan was fired in 1991 and replaced by whom?
  A.   Fred Bruney
  B.   Ray Rhodes
  C.   Marion Campbell
  D.   Rich Kotite

7. What is the name of the Eagles' fight song?
  A.   Eagles, Our Eagles
  B.   Soaring Eagles
  C.   Fly, Eagles Fly
  D.   We Love Our Eagles!

8. In what year did the Eagles first play at Lincoln Financial Field?
  A.   1996
  B.   1999
  C.   2001
  D.   2003

9. What is the name of the Philadelphia Eagles' mascot?
  A.   Blitz
  B.   Swoop
  C.   Blaze
  D.   Jake

10. The Eagles lost the 2005 Super Bowl by score of 24-21. Who did they lose to?
  A.   New England Patriots
  B.   Pittsburgh Steelers
  C.   Indianapolis Colts
  D.   Oakland Raiders®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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