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Trivia Quiz - William Clark: The Other Explorer

William Clark was, by appointment by President Jefferson, the second in command of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Lewis always termed Clark 'Co-Captain.'

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Date Submitted: August 13, 2011
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Quiz is about: William Clark

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William Clark The Other Explorer

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1. William Clark had a famous brother. Who was he?
  A.   George Rogers Clark
  B.   Thomas Jefferson
  C.   George Washington
  D.   Benjamin Franklin

2. What was notable about Clark's hair?
  A.   Clark had no hair
  B.   Clark was a red-head
  C.   Clark wore his hair in a 'mohawk'
  D.   He was an albino, with white hair

3. Where was Clark born?
  A.   West Virginia
  B.   Virginia
  C.   Kentucky
  D.   Pennsylvania

4. Clark commanded a company of riflemen during a decisive battle that was instrumental in ending the Northwest Indian War. What battle was it?
  A.   Battle of Fallen Timbers
  B.   Long Run Massacre
  C.   Battle of Bluelicks
  D.   James Wilkinson Battle of Orleans

5. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark served in the U.S. Army together prior to the Expedition. Who was senior in rank?
  A.   Clark
  B.   Lewis
  C.   They were equals - they were both lieutenants in different companies
  D.   They were equals - they were both generals in different companies

6. What was the primary purpose of the Lewis and Clark Expedition?
  A.   Explore and survey the Louisiana Territory
  B.   Search for oil
  C.   Subjugate the Native Americans
  D.   Drive the Spanish from North American

7. Who accompanied William Clark during the Lewis and Clark Expedition, without compensation of any sort?
  A.   His wife, Sacajewa
  B.   His son, Thomas
  C.   Pocahontas
  D.   Clark's slave, York

8. What type of dog accompanied the Expedition, and what was the dog's name?
  A.   Black mutt, T.J. (named after Tom Jefferson)
  B.   Newfoundland dog, Seaman
  C.   Irish Wolfhound, Adams (satirically named for John Adams)
  D.   Girardoux, a french poodle

9. What political position did Clark hold from 1822 until his death in 1838?
  A.   Governor of Missouri
  B.   Superintendent of Indian Affairs
  C.   Superintendent of Colorado
  D.   Provisional Governor of Utah

10. What did William Clark name his son?
  A.   Thomas Jefferson Clark
  B.   Meriweather Jefferson Clark
  C.   Jefferson Lewis Clark
  D.   Meriwether Lewis Clark®   

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