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Trivia Quiz - College Football Grab Bag #4

College Football Grab Bag #4

Quiz Number: 402
Date Submitted: May 21, 2006
Quiz Categories: College Football
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: garrett
Average Score: 59.6 percent
Times Taken: 245 times
Taken by Registered Users: 32

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College Football Grab Bag 4
(Image Source: Wilson Official NCAA Football)

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1. What were the nicknames of the famed army running back tandem of Doc Blanchard and Glen Davis?
  A.   Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside
  B.   Thunder and Lightning
  C.   Crazy Legs and Crazy Horse
  D.   Frick and Frack

2. Who won the Heisman trophy in 1984?
  A.   Doug Flutie
  B.   Mike Rozier
  C.   Hershel Walker
  D.   Bo Jackson

3. Which Heisman award winner of the 1990s went on to play in the NBA, not the NFL?
  A.   Gino Torretta
  B.   Desmond Howard
  C.   Charlie Ward
  D.   Rashaan Salaam

4. What number did TCU all-American Sammy Baugh wear?
  A.   31
  B.   32
  C.   33
  D.   35

5. Where did actor Burt Reynolds play his college football?
  A.   Florida
  B.   Auburn
  C.   Florida State
  D.   LSU

6. For what college did John Wayne play football?
  A.   Stanford
  B.   USC
  C.   UCLA
  D.   California

7. Who was the first black to win the Heisman trophy?
  A.   OJ Simpson
  B.   Ernie Davis
  C.   Archie Griffin
  D.   Tony Dorsett

8. What college football coach won 47 consecutive games in the 1950's?
  A.   Bud Wilkinson
  B.   Woody Hayes
  C.   Eddie Robinson
  D.   Amos Alonzo Stagg

9. Who succeeded Bo Schembechler as the head coach of the University of Michigan in 1990?
  A.   Lloyd Carr
  B.   Cam Cameron
  C.   Gary Moeller
  D.   Jim Tressel

10. Who won the 1995 Heisman trophy?
  A.   Rashaan Salaam
  B.   Eddie George
  C.   Danny Wuerfful
  D.   Charles Woodson®   

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