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Trivia Quiz - Simon Kenton: American Frontiersman

Simon Kenton was a famous American frontiersman, explorer, and trapper.

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Date Submitted: August 28, 2011
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Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: patrickryan
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Quiz is about: Simon Kenton

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Simon Kenton American Frontiersman
(Image Source: Simon Kenton Public Domain Image)

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1. Where was Simon Kenton born?
  A.   Pittsburg, PA
  B.   Bull Run Mountains
  C.   Boonesboro, Kentucky
  D.   New York City

2. Kenton served as scout in a 1778 expedition in the West lead by whom?
  A.   Benedict Arnold
  B.   George Rogers Clark
  C.   George Washington
  D.   Mad Anthony Wayne

3. Why did Kenton leave his birthplace for the frontier?
  A.   He was a starving orphan.
  B.   His family moved west.
  C.   He was caught embezzling money.
  D.   He thought he killed a man in a fight.

4. Against what Native American tribe did Kenton primarily battle?
  A.   Seminoles
  B.   Apaches
  C.   Shawnees
  D.   Mohawks

5. Kenton saved the life of this friend and famous fellow frontiersman in 1777. Who was he?
  A.   Simon Girty
  B.   Wild Bill Hickock
  C.   Davy Crockett
  D.   Daniel Boone

6. What was the highest military rank achieved by Kenton?
  A.   Scout Corporal
  B.   Brigadier General
  C.   Captain
  D.   Major

7. When captured by the Native Americans, he was re-named. What was the name and what did it mean?
  A.   Thermse - fleet of foot and sound of lung.
  B.   Cuttahotha - condemned to be burned at the stake
  C.   Stlengtha - tall and well-proportioned
  D.   Ottreana - stong swimmer and diver

8. In 1794, Kenton served in the militia under General Anthony Wayne and fought in what seminal battle?
  A.   Battle of Fallen Timbers
  B.   Battle for Detroit
  C.   Battle of New Orleans
  D.   Battle of Saratoga at Oriskany

9. When captured by the Native Americans, Kenton was saved by an old friend and paroled. Who was the friend?
  A.   Daniel Boone
  B.   Davy Crockett
  C.   Simon Girty
  D.   George Rogers Clark

10. How did Simon Kenton die?
  A.   old age; natural causes
  B.   hand-to-hand combat at the Alamo
  C.   during a mugging in Washington, DC
  D.   burned at the stake®   

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