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Trivia Quiz - Walter Reed M.D.

Major Walter Reed, M.D., (9/13/1851-11/22/1902) was a U.S. Army physician who in 1900 led the team that postulated and confirmed the theory that yellow fever is transmitted by a particular mosquito species, rather than by direct contact.

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Date Submitted: September 04, 2011
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Quiz is about: Walter Reed

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Walter Reed M.D.
(Image Source: Walter Reed Public Domain Photo)

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1. How old was Reed when he first graduated from medical school?
  A.   17
  B.   19
  C.   21
  D.   23

2. Upon completion of medical school at University of Virginia, what did Reed then do?
  A.   Established a medical practice
  B.   Married his cousin
  C.   Took a second medical degree
  D.   Took a sea journey

3. Where did Reed work from 1870-1875?
  A.   New York Board of Health
  B.   Congressional Aid for Theodore Roosevelt
  C.   OSHA
  D.   US Naval Medical Department

4. Reed's youthful appearance was a detraction for the medical field because he did not look experienced. How did Reed manage to continue to practice medicine?
  A.   He joined the US Army.
  B.   He joined the US Navy.
  C.   He went to Africa.
  D.   He joined the US Marine Corp.

5. Reed was faculty member of the George Washington University School of Medicine and the newly-opened Army Medical School in Washington, D.C., where he held the professorship of what?
  A.   Criminality and Neurology
  B.   Bacteriology and Clinical Microscopy
  C.   Urology
  D.   Phrenoloy

6. Reed first traveled to Cuba in 1899 to primarily study what disease?
  A.   Yellow fever
  B.   Insanity
  C.   Dropsy
  D.   Leprosy

7. Reed was a proponent of which of the following theories?
  A.   mal air - bad air theory
  B.   strong drug theory
  C.   evil spirits theory
  D.   germ theory of disease

8. During Reed's tenure with the U.S. Army Yellow Fever Commission in Cuba, the board both confirmed which of the following?
  A.   morphine could cure yellow fever
  B.   whiskey did not cause dropsy
  C.   mosquitoes transmit disease
  D.   yellow fever was solely a Chinese disease

9. How did Reed die in 1902?
  A.   yellow fever
  B.   cerebral hemorrhage
  C.   gunshots & mugging in Washington, DC.
  D.   ruptured appendix & peritonitis

10. To commemorate Dr. Reed's work, what hospital was constructed?
  A.   The Center for Disease Control, Washington, D.C.
  B.   Walter Reed General Hospital, Washington, D.C.
  C.   Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston.
  D.   Havanna Center for Disease Control, Cuba.®   

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