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Trivia Quiz - Henry Wallace: 33rd US Vice President

Henry Wallace was FDR's running mate in 1940.

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Date Submitted: September 17, 2011
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Author: patrickryan
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Quiz is about: Henry Wallace

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Henry Wallace 33rd US Vice President
(Image Source: Henry Wallace Public Domain Photo)

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1. Wallace was appointed to a Cabinet position (1933) previously filled by his father. What was it?
  A.   Secretary of War
  B.   Secretary of Education
  C.   Secretary of State
  D.   Secretary of Agriculture

2. Wallace believed that both the American and the __________ revolution were part of "the march to freedom of the past 150 years."
  A.   French
  B.   Russian
  C.   Cuban
  D.   Canadian

3. During his tenure as a U.S. Cabinet Secretary, Wallace ordered the very unpopular strategy of what?
  A.   growing marijuana at his home farm for medical use
  B.   hiring his relatives as policy enforcers
  C.   slaughtering pigs and plowing up cotton fields, to drive up prices
  D.   sleeping in late and leaving work early

4. Wallace delivered his most famous speech, which became known by the phrase "Century of the Common Man" to the Free World Association in New York City. This speech offended what world leader?
  A.   Joe Stalin
  B.   FDR
  C.   Winston Churchill
  D.   Adolf Hitler

5. When touring Siberia in 1944, Wallace was:
  A.   convinced the gulag workers were volunteers
  B.   appalled by the Soviet policies in the gulags
  C.   frequently seen in the company of young boys
  D.   kidnapped and brainwashed

6. After feuding with FDR Cabinet members, Wallace was replaced by whom in 1944 as Vice President?
  A.   Dwight D. Eisenhower
  B.   Harry S Truman
  C.   Wendell Wilkie
  D.   Thomas E. Dewey

7. Wallace's relationship with Nicholas Roerich was uncovered by the Republicans; what was the major thrust of their relationship?
  A.   Wallace was Roerich's father
  B.   Religious guru (Roerich) to student (Wallace)
  C.   Pen pals
  D.   Homosexual liaisons

8. Henry A. Wallace had missed being the 33rd President of the United States by:
  A.   about 3 months
  B.   1 year
  C.   about 6 months
  D.   technically, he was the 33rd President

9. To what position was Wallace appointed after the election of 1944?
  A.   Director of the US Commerce Department
  B.   Director of the CIA
  C.   Leader of the US Socialist Party
  D.   the USN - Chief of Naval Operations

10. When running for President in 1948, Wallace advocated all the but which of the following?
  A.   Close relations with the USSR
  B.   Universal healthcare
  C.   An end to segregation
  D.   Annexing Canada and bringing it into the Union®   

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