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Trivia Quiz - Hugh Glass - Mountain Man

Trivia Questions about this American fur trapper and frontiersman noted for his exploits in the American West during the first third of the 19th century.

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Date Submitted: October 06, 2011
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Hugh Glass  Mountain Man
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1. A 1971 movie entitled Man in the Wilderness, starring Richard Harris and John Huston, was loosely based on what Hugh Glass odyssey?
  A.   Running the gauntlet 6 times in sucession, receiving a concussion and losing 3 fingers.
  B.   Swimming the Great Salt Lake when being pursued by irate Mormans.
  C.   Outrunning Blackfeet Indians, then hiding inside a beaver lodge to escape capture.
  D.   A cross-country trek after being mauled by a grizzly bear.

2. When tasked to find a new trapping area, Glass and two companions stopped to investigate and talk to the local Native Indians. What was the result?
  A.   The Indians were Arikara and hostile to the trappers.
  B.   The Indians introduced the trio to fabulous trapping areas.
  C.   All three trappers were captured, tortured, and killed.
  D.   Glass ran and left his companions to suffer torture and death.

3. Glass was left for dead by two famous trappers; Jim Bridger and Tom Fitzpatrick. When Glass tracked down Bridger, what did he do?
  A.   Glass killed Bridger.
  B.   Bridger killed Glass.
  C.   Glass castigated Bridger and let him go.
  D.   Glass never caught Bridger.

4. When Glass caught up with the other trapper who left him for dead, Tom Fitzpatrick, why did he not take revenge?
  A.   Fitzpatrick had become a priest, and Glass was a devout Catholic.
  B.   Fitzpatrick was in the US Army and Glass had killed him, Glass would have been put to death.
  C.   Fitzpatrick killed Glass in self-defense.
  D.   Glass never caught up with Glass.

5. What piece of equipment did Glass want returned by Fitzpatrick?
  A.   His rifle.
  B.   His money.
  C.   His pelts.
  D.   His 'possibles' - knife, tomahawk, flint and steel, etc.

6. How did Glass stop a grizzly bear attack?
  A.   He outran the bear and her two cubs.
  B.   He killed the bear with a knife, with the help of his companions.
  C.   He baited the bear with venison.
  D.   He shot the bear with his pistols.

7. Johnson Gardner came across a party of Arikara Indians and immediately realized they had killed Hugh Glass. How?
  A.   They had Glass's famous rifle.
  B.   They had Glass's red hair on their belt (scalp).
  C.   They had his Bible and his priest's vestments.
  D.   They were standing over Glass's body and stealing his possessions.

8. Where is there a monument of Hugh Glass, celebrating his life and his long trek?
  A.   Yellowstone National Park
  B.   Boulder, Colorado
  C.   Shadehill Reservoir, South Dakota
  D.   St. Louis, Missouri

9. Who was the leader of the first trapping expedition that Glass joined?
  A.   Ashley's 100 - General William Ashley
  B.   Hudson Bay Trapping Company - William Astor
  C.   Bridger's Battle Weary Trappers - Jim Bridger
  D.   Fitzpatrick's Fighters - Tom Fitzpatrick

10. Glass was purported to have been a sailor with a famous pirate. Who was the pirate?
  A.   Blackbeard
  B.   Kidd
  C.   Lafitte
  D.   Barbados®   

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