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Trivia Quiz - Stargazers - Those who looked skywards

Ten "Who am I" questions about ten luminaries of astronomy.

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Date Submitted: November 12, 2011
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Stargazers  Those who looked skywards
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1. I was the first to approximate the shape of the galaxy, established the presence of binary stars and was most famous as the discoverer of Uranus.
  A.   Edmond Halley
  B.   Friedrich Bessel
  C.   William Herschel
  D.   Isaac Newton

2. I used the early invention of the telescope the discover the moons of Jupiter, the craters of the moon and the phases of Venus. I was arrested by the Vatican for my views.
  A.   Nicolas Copernicus
  B.   Galileo Galilei
  C.   Tycho Brahe
  D.   Johannes Kepler

3. I used a spectroscope to examine the light emitted from distant stars thus establishing their surface temperature and their speed moving away from Earth.
  A.   William Bond
  B.   Walter Baade
  C.   Karl Jansky
  D.   William Huggins

4. I developed the three laws of planetary motion which enabled the paths of the planets around the Sun to be accurately predicted.
  A.   Johannes Kepler
  B.   Christiaan Huygens
  C.   Ptolemy
  D.   Giovanni Cassini

5. In 1507 I proposed the theory of the Earth travelling around the Sun along with the other known planets, contrary to accepted Ptolemaic theory.
  A.   Jeremiah Horricks
  B.   John Flamsteed
  C.   Nicolas Copernicus
  D.   Johann Bayer

6. I was regarded as the premier observer of the skies during the 16th Century. I believed the planets revolved around the Sun which then circled the Earth.
  A.   Ulugh Beigh
  B.   Johann Bayer
  C.   Johannes Kepler
  D.   Tycho Brahe

7. I determined the rotation periods for Mars and Jupiter, and also discovered the gaps in the rings of Saturn which were named after me.
  A.   Giovanni Cassini
  B.   Christiaan Huygens
  C.   Jeremiah Horrocks
  D.   Johannes Hevelius

8. I was the Astronomer Royal during the 18th Century and also a great observer of comets, one of which bears my name.
  A.   John Flamsteed
  B.   Isaac Newton
  C.   Edmond Halley
  D.   James Bradley

9. I confirmed the existence of other galaxies and also proposed the theory of a rapidly expanding universe.
  A.   Walter Baade
  B.   Edwin Hubble
  C.   Percival Lowell
  D.   Giovanni Schiaparelli

10. In 1674 I produced one of the best maps of the Moon, naming seas, craters and mountains.
  A.   Jeremiah Horrocks
  B.   Johann Bayer
  C.   Johannes Kepler
  D.   Johannes Hevelius®   

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