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Trivia Quiz - Captain William Kidd - Privateer

William Captain Kidd (c. 1645 – May 23, 1701) was a sailor remembered for his trial and execution for piracy after returning from a voyage to the Indian Ocean.

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Date Submitted: November 26, 2011
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Author: patrickryan
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Quiz is about: William Kidd

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Captain William Kidd  Privateer
(Image Source: William Kidd Public Domain Photo)

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1. According to his testimory in England, where was William Kidd born?
  A.   Boston, MA
  B.   NYC, NY
  C.   London, England
  D.   Dundee, Scotland

2. How did Kidd obtain his first command at sea, the Blessed Williams?
  A.   Post-mutiny he was promoted by the crew or appointed by the Governor of Nevis.
  B.   His father was a Captain, and obtained a berth for his son.
  C.   The orginal captain was killed while capturing a prize; Kidd was elected to become captain.
  D.   Kidd killed the captain and took command, sword and pistols in his hands.

3. For payment in defending Nevis from the French, Kidd:
  A.   Sold 8 black sailors into slavery, paying for the sailing ship.
  B.   Ransacked a French town.
  C.   Submitted a bill to the Governor, which was promptly paid when Kidd pointed his cannon at the town.
  D.   Sold the Governor's three daughters to a house of ill-repute.

4. Off the coast of New York, Kidd was commissioned as a privateer. What was his reward?
  A.   He captured an enemy privateer, and received a share of the profits.
  B.   He was given an estate on Long Island.
  C.   He was given a cash bonus for defending NYC.
  D.   He received nothing, leading him back into piracy to support himself.

5. In 1695, the Governor of Massachusetts (NY and New Hampshire, as well) enlisted the "trusty and well beloved Captain Kidd" to do what?
  A.   Root out pirates operating in the area.
  B.   Marry his daughter.
  C.   Run for Lt. Governor.
  D.   Entreat Parliment in London to put an end to piracy in New England waters.

6. Kidd was presented with a letter of marque, signed personally by whom?
  A.   King George II of England
  B.   King William III of England
  C.   Pope Innocent XIII Michelangelo dei Cont
  D.   Louis 13, Monarch of France

7. When leaving London via the Thames River, Kidd's crew did not salute a British Navy Yacht. When the Navy remarked on this, what did Kidd's crew do?
  A.   Saluted the yacht, and sent a small boat to the yacht with food and rum.
  B.   Slapped their backsides in derision and salied on.
  C.   Captured the yacht, and fled with their loot.
  D.   Ignored the yacht, and sailed into the Atlantic Ocean.

8. A third of Kidd's crew on the Adventure Galley perished on the Islands along Africa due to an outbreak of what?
  A.   Virulent pox.
  B.   Cholera - horrible diarrhea.
  C.   Scurvy, which caused severe lesions and blindness.
  D.   Poisoning from tainted salt pork and arsenic.

9. Kidd was declared a pirate when he left England, because he:
  A.   did not hand over 30 of his crew to the Royal Navy.
  B.   stole jewelry from a Lord's mistress.
  C.   mortgaged the ship, which he did not own, and pocketed the procedes.
  D.   captured a Dutch ship, which was not authorized by his letter of marque.

10. What was done with Kidd's body after he was hanged for piracy?
  A.   He was buried in his ancestral home.
  B.   He was left hanging from a pier in London, as a warning to pirates.
  C.   His body was thrown in a rubbish heap.
  D.   His body was fed to swine.®   

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