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Trivia Quiz - Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace (1918-2012) was an American journalist, actor, and media personality. During his 60+ year career, he interviewed a wide range of prominent newsmakers.

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Date Submitted: December 03, 2011
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Author: patrickryan
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Quiz is about: Mike Wallace

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Mike Wallace
(Image Source: Mike Wallace @ Yahoo Images)

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1. What did Wallace do during WWII?
  A.   Communications Officer on a Submarine Tender.
  B.   Conscientious objector - " an individual who has claimed the right to refuse to perform military service."
  C.   4F - Unsuitable for military service due to undeveloped genitalia.
  D.   Infantry Platoon Leader - US Army.

2. Which of the following game shows did Wallace not host in the 1950s?
  A.   The Big Suprise.
  B.   Who's the Boss?
  C.   Who Pays?
  D.   The Price is Right.

3. By the early 1960s, Mike Wallace's primary income came from commercials for what?
  A.   Parliament Cigarettes
  B.   Chevrolet
  C.   Canadian whiskey
  D.   Diet Aids

4. Wallace had stated in interviews that he believed certain people could change (their behaviors) if they really wanted to. Who?
  A.   Racists
  B.   Bigots
  C.   Homosexuals
  D.   Politicians

5. Wallace expressed regret in regard to the one big interview he was never able to secure. Who was his intended interview target?
  A.   First Lady Laura Bush.
  B.   First Lady Pat Nixon.
  C.   Idi Amin
  D.   Saddam Hussein

6. When Wallace posited that Nigeria was the most corrupt country, his guest stated the US was the most corrupt country, and used the bombing of Hiroshima as an example. Who was his guest?
  A.   Louis Farrakhan
  B.   Michele Obama
  C.   Mohammad Ali
  D.   Jimmy Carter

7. Wallace interviewed this Nation of Islam leader in 1964, who said half-jokingly: "I probably am a dead man already".
  A.   Elijah Muhammad
  B.   Muhammad Ali
  C.   Louis Farrakhan
  D.   Malcom X

8. In the late 1940s and 50s, Wallace announced a "sport" for an advertiser called Tavern Pale Ale. What "sport" was it?
  A.   Skydiving.
  B.   Motorcycle racing.
  C.   Swimsuit competitions.
  D.   Professional Wrestling.

9. What was Mike Wallace's orginal family surname?
  A.   Walisky.
  B.   Wallenchinsky.
  C.   Smithski.
  D.   Wall-Eyed.

10. In 1949, under his birth name Myron Wallace, he starred in a short-lived television show. What type of show was it?
  A.   drama supporting segregation.
  B.   soap opera.
  C.   comedy show about flying saucers and ducks.
  D.   police drama.®   

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